Scottie Pippen Shows Off His Chicago Mansion in New Episode of 'Open Door'

Scottie Pippen is the lastest host to show off his home in Architectural Digest‘s Open Door video series. Revealing that he now spends most of his time in Los Angeles and that his Chicago mansion is more for summer getaways, Pippen goes on to explainsthat he’s owned the property since 2004.

The Chicago Bulls veteran shows off his living room, kitchen, and his lavish backyard that has a Weber grill, swimming pool and hot tub – there’s even a small part for him to practice his golf swing. For entertainment and relaxation, the home has a wine cellar, a movie theatre, a gym, a mini arcade, and an indoor basketball court. The video is full of personal stories and tidbits involving his family and time as a Bull.

For those interested in learning how the Hall of Famer lives when in Chicago, watch the video above.

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