Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams: Why Friends Are Convinced An Engagement Could Happen Soon

Sarah Hyland and boyfriend Wells Adams have had a pretty romantic relationship for a year now and friends think they’re ready to take the next step and get engaged sooner rather than later.

Sarah Hyland, 27, and boyfriend Wells Adams, 34, may be getting ready to walk down the aisle in the near future, according to their close friends! “Sarah and Wells have the most amazing relationship, it’s the healthiest and most nurturing one she’s ever had, and Wells is such a supportive and loving boyfriend,” a source close to Sarah EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “For the first time in her life Sarah can actually envision herself settling down and getting married. Sarah can even see herself starting a family with Wells. Sometimes she really can’t believe she’s met somebody so beautiful and loving, and it’s only since she started truly loving herself that she’s been able to accept somebody like Wells into her life. Sarah and Wells have discussed the issue of marriage, it’s definitely on the cards at some point in the future, and all their friends are betting on a proposal happening before the end of next year.”

Sarah and Wells have been dating for over a year now so a proposal is definitely a real possibility! Wells has been there for his lady love in her most difficult times, including the time she was battling  body-shaming trolls online who dissed her thin frame last month. One troll told Sarah to “eat a doughnut” and Wells replied by saying, “eat sh*t”, proving he’s there to stand up for the brunette beauty.

In addition to standing up for Sarah, Wells clearly likes to joke with her in regards to her body image. Shortly after dealing with the trolls, the Modern Family actress made fun of herself by claiming she looked pregnant in one pic taken by paparazzi. It didn’t take long for Wells to respond to her in the best and most amusing way. “So, this is how I find out?,” he jokingly asked. “I thought you would think it’s cute!,” she responded. “Can we just not do some basic a** gender party?”, he continued. “We have to,” Sarah answered. “We’ll call it the softest gender reveal party ever.” Yeah, we’d say these two are made for each other!

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