Royal wedding 2019: Does Lady Gabriella Windsor have HRH status? Will her name change?

The royal wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor, 38, and Thomas Kingston is taking place today. The couple will gather with their friends and family, in order to exchange vows at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. While Lady Gabriella is 52nd in the line of succession to the British throne, her father is the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth. This means that the monarch, as well as other senior royals, are expected to be in attendance today.

The royal wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston is taking place today

Upon a marriage, some newlyweds may choose to take the surname of their spouse’s.

In the past, the tradition has meant many women have opted to no longer be referred to with the family name they were registered with at birth, but their husband’s instead.

Of course, it’s down to personal preference as to whether a man or woman takes their partner’s name, chooses to keep their own, or opts for both.

It may be that Thomas continues to be a Mr Thomas Kingston, while Lady Gabriella Windsor keeps her own royal title.

After some royal weddings, Queen Elizabeth has granted royal styles for the newlyweds to enjoy.

However, being 52nd in the line of succession to the throne means that it’s unlikely that Lady Gabriella and her new husband will get this luxury.

The royal’s brother, Lord Frederick Windsor, 40, married Sophie Winkleman, 38, in 2009.

The actor has continued to keep her name, but she is also known as Lady Frederick Windsor.

What is for certain is that, unless Queen Elizabeth uses letters patent, Lady Gabriella will not get HRH status.

According to letters patent issued by King George V in 1917, only the children of the sovereign, the male line grandchildren of the sovereign, and the eldest son of the Prince of Wales’s eldest son may have the title of HRH prince or princess.

In 2012, Queen Elizabeth extended this rule so that all children of the Prince of Wales’s eldest son may be attributed to as Royal Highness, as well as the titular dignity of prince or princess.

The Queen is expected to attend the upcoming royal wedding.

What colour hat will she wear for the occasion?

It’s currently unknown, but she typically wears a hat which matches the colour of her outfit.

In a Channel 5 documentary, the unexpected name that the Queen uses for her royal wardrobe was revealed.

Rather than simply calling her royal outfits “clothes”, it was explained that she instead calls them her “costumes”.

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