Princess Anne’s confidence more of a ‘challenge’ when meeting her than other royals

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Princess Anne is a working member of the Royal Family and will often attend royal engagements with her parents as well as speak at events on her own.

The Princess was born in 1950 which made her third in line to the throne.

However due to her brothers, Prince Charles, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew all having had children, she is now 14th in line to the throne.

Princess Royal will still make regular appearances at events with her most recent being the Remembrance Sunday service.

Growing up in the spotlight has allowed Anne to grow her confidence within her role in the Royal Family.

Body language expert Judi James has explained how Princess Anne is very confident.

The expert said: “Anne’s non-verbal signals of confidence are both powerful and rather old-school, defining her as the kind of alpha presence that would provide leadership in an emergency situation.

“Fear and anxiety don’t seem to feature in her body language repertoire and she uses none of the self-protective gesticulation that most of her male relatives are famous for, like her brother Charles’s ritual of cuff-fiddling and pocket-checking.”

Judi also compared Anne’s language to her fathers, Philip.

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She explained: “Like her father Philip, her projected sense of emotional resilience can make Anne a bit of a ‘confidence vampire’ for the people around her as it can create a daunting presence that is often described as ‘not suffering fools gladly’.”

On other occasions, Judi said that Anne can be seen mimicking her fathers stance and body language.

Unlike William and Kate who change their body language and expressions when they are around other people, the body language expert explained that Anne does not do this.

Judi added: “Where William and Kate might lower their own signals of status and confidence to increase the confidence levels of people they meet, Anne’s body language could make her more of a challenge.”

When speaking to others, Prince William and Kate will often sit with their hands in their laps, or if standing, nod their heads to show they are listening.

Even though Anne seems to have a high level of confidence, Judi explained that it has been tested on a number of occasions.

One of those being at London Fashion Week where she made her speech standing alone.

The body language expert added that she used “authoritative facial expressions” including her “raised brows, solid eye-contact with her audience and the puckered, asymmetric smile”.

Her professional attitude to her role in the Royal Family seems to have created a close bond between her and the Queen.

Judi explained: “Princess Anne and her mother do undoubtedly look close, but their body language rituals together suggest a meeting of minds and complementary traits rather than any fond fussing or more tactile displays.”

While they appear to have a close relationship, Anne seems to approach tasks with a hands-off attitude because she admires her mothers sense of “independence”.

Princess Royal will also show signs of independence when attending events and speaking on her own, once again showing her levels of confidence.

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