Presidential Memorabilia Is, Of Course, Really Weird This Year

There are plenty of ways to show support for a presidential candidate. You can post signs, tweet out memes or even wear a hat. But aren’t the weirder ways more fun?

For instance, doesn’t a Donald Trump gator statue say how you really feel better than a T-shirt? Or what about a figurine that shows Joe Biden taking a poop?


Below, we’ve compiled some of the weirdest presidential memorabilia of the 2020 election. Which one gets your vote?

  • Trump and Biden Pooping Figurines

    If you’re convinced that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are full of crap, these figurines — a Spanish tradition — won’t leave you down in the dumps. It’s common for nativity scenes in Spain to include a “caganer,” or a pooping figurine whose presence symbolizes fertilization, luck and prosperity. American voters may get a different message from these crapping collectibles.

  • Trump Gator Statue

    This Trump statue just might be perfect for the person who insists that the president will “Make America Gate Again.” (Pun absolutely intended.)

  • Trump “This Is Huge” Face Mask

    Sure, a lot of people might look at this mask and say, “Nope,” but hear me out: This is one face mask that Trump supporters might actually wear. There’s a trick: You have to pretend to be offended so they will think they are sticking it to the libs when, in reality, they’re actually protecting the people around them. You don’t have to tell them that (it will be our little secret).

  • Pouting Donald Trump Mask

    Yeah, I know it looks like Alec Baldwin, but it’s billed as “Pouting Donald Trump.” Expect a lot of confusion anyway.

  • Smiling Joe Biden Mask

    Just keeping it real: Even Biden supporters have to admit that this mask looks more like “Creepy Joe” than “Sleepy Joe.”

  • Candles That Smell Like Trump and Biden

    If you think this year’s election stinks, maybe you need to light a scented candle to clear out the room. These presidential-themed candles each have a scent inspired by the candidate: The Biden candle supposedly smells like his favorite “orange-flavored sports drink,” while the Trump candle reportedly has a “suntan lotion and steak scent” and a tuft of hair so you know it’s legit.

  • Trump Toilet Paper Holder

    Want to show off all that toilet paper you’ve been hoarding? Let Trump do it for you! Just be prepared for snarky comments like “Make America Flush Again.” 

  • Trump’s Overinflated Ego

    This costume will make a big impression no matter where you wear it. Worried about social distancing? Don’t be! People are sure to stay more than 6 feet away from you.

  • Sleepy Joe Metal Art

    Steeling yourself for a long election night? This piece of Joe Biden metal art should help keep you on your mettle (see what we did there?).

  • Biden-Harris Bag

    No one knows if Biden or Kamala Harris have the election in the bag, but certainly they have it in this bag, which riffs on Michelangelo’s classic painting “The Creation Of Adam.” That makes sense, since a lot of people will probably say, “Oh my God” when they see you walking to the voting booth with this over your shoulder.

  • Impeach Vodka

    Is Trump’s presidency getting to be a bit much for you? This peachy keen Impeach Vodka is the perfect beverage to guzzle while yelling at your computer screen.

  • The Dognald and Joe Biten Dog Toys

    Dogged by confusion over which candidate to vote for? Maybe let your dog decide for you! Put these Trump and Biden dog toys in front of Fido and see which one becomes the favorite. Dogs are supposedly good judges of character, right?

  • Biden And Trump-Themed Doorbell Cameras

    Want to make sure every delivery driver knows where you stand? This electronic doorbell features removable placards featuring your candidate of choice. The removable part is key, as anyone who can’t get their Kerry-Edwards or Bush-Quayle bumper sticker off the back of their car can attest.

  • Biden and Trump Macarons

    Is the 2020 presidential campaign leaving a bad taste in your mouth? Maybe these Biden and Trump macarons can help.

  • Biden and Trump socks

    Why promote your candidate of choice with regular ol’ signs and banners when you can wear these Biden and Trump-themed socks? It’s a great way to — wait for it — sock it to your opponents.

  • Ride With Trump Window Sticker

    Apologies to Nelly for the following:
    “If you want to go and take a ride with Trump
    We 3-wheeling in the fo’ with the gold Dumps
    Oh why do I live this way? (Hey, must be the money!)”

  • Baby Trump Bobbler

    In this case, the visual says it all.

  • Trump And Putin Finger Puppets

    Have you had trouble convincing Trump supporters about the strange way he seems to worship Russian President Vladimir Putin? Maybe they just need visuals. These finger puppets should help illustrate how Trump is thumbing his nose at American diplomacy.

  • Trump And Putin Magnetic Play Set

    This magnetic Trump and Putin play set is a great way to stick it to them.

  • Trump Toy Helicopter

    It’s not exactly Air Force One, but this remote-controlled helicopter is definitely as flighty as the president.

  • Trump Typo Coffee Mug

    Having trouble keeping track of how Trump spells his made-up words? This coffee mug will be a handy guide every time you wonder if “covfefe has one “v” or two.

  • Dump Trump Tank Top

    If you’re going to protest against the president, at least be comfortable doing it, right? Casual attire has never been so political.



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