Period proof your next holiday with these amazing swimwear offerings

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With holiday's back on the agenda, we're desperate to pack a bag and head to the sun, especially with the temperamental British weather.

Yet, however much you shop and plan for every eventuality, your holiday can be ruined in an instant by the arrival of your period. Suddenly the idea of a dip in that perfect pool and the laissez faire trip you planned turns into a sea of self consciousness and worry.

Period proof swimsuit, was £65 now £33, Modibodi

Swimwear for every shape from just £8.40

But fear not, as with the development and growing popularity of period underwear, brands have been busy developing a similar solution for period swimwear too.

Period underwear is a great way of managing your time of the month. It means less sanitary products heading to landfill and is also a surprisingly comfortable way to manage your flow. Fashion technology is a wonderful thing and period pants and period swimwear certainly have big role to play in women's products in the future.

Period proof bikini briefs, $49.99, Ruby's (ships internationally)

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This is of course quite a specialist market, and so there are only a few companies creating period swimwear at present and while for the most part styles are fairly basic, they are definitely a must to have in your arsenal and perfect for packing on holiday should your period strike.

Expect lots of basic black styles, but the best part of that is of course you can easily mix a period bikini brief with any bikini top of your choice, so these can slot seamlessly into your holiday swimwear wardrobe.

We've found three main brands that carry period swimwear, with some of them also doing period underwear, so are well worth checking out.

Period proof swimsuit, was $89.99 now $79.99, Ruby's (ships internationally)

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Modibodi does period swimsuits and a range of period proof bikini briefs. They also have an extensive range of period proof underwear on their website so whatever your cut of choice, you'll find something here.

Ruby's, as the name cutely suggests, is also a period proof brand and they have a much more varied range of period proof swimwear, including swimsuits and bikini co-ords, merging this burgeoning fashion technology with plenty of style. We particular like the one shoulder print swimsuits… no one will ever know this is period friendly swim.

Period proof swim set, was £51.61 now £41.18, Awwa

Awwa keeps it pretty simple with a black bikini set but it comes in sizes XS to 3XL which is amazing and the reviews on the website suggest that this brand is well loved.

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