Oxfam shop assistant ‘offers £40 sex sessions to customers in staff room’

A charity shop worker has been offering sex for cash in an Oxfam store, it has been reported.

Zayna Ellemore, 32, allegedly sneaked clients into and charging them for sex right while working as a volunteer at the shop.

The former sex worker had promised Oxfam chiefs she had quit the industry when she took on volunteer work, according to Daily Star.

But, a leaked text message showed Zayna has been secretly advertising 'cut-price- 15-minute quick sex for £40' at the Didsbury store in Manchester, which sells for second-hand clothes, books and bric and brac.

The Daily Star Sunday caught Zayna greeting one of her clients around the back of the store while her managers are on breaks or manning the till.

She kissed and hugged the man before showing him in the store and the man let the store around 15 minutes later.

She allegedly told her client in a text message seen by Mirror Online: "I'll meet you at the back door and let you in and take you to the staff room.

"I've done a few jobs i there it's so easy. Well I do volunteer work got make some money and have some fun [sic]."

It is understood that Zayna, who has been on the Jeremy Kyle show, started volunteering at the shop two years ago.

She revealed in the programme last year how she had slept with a Co-op Funeralcare worker after he booked her to come to the funeral home.

Zayna has previously admitted she has tried to quit the sex industry several times but said she struggles to find employment elsewhere because of her past.

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