‘One Piece’ Episode 862 Spoilers: Carrot Unleashes Sulong Form, Goes All-Out Against Daifuku Fleet

Is Carrot’s powerful transformation enough to take down the Daifuku fleet?

One Piece Episode 862, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, started with the continuation of the battle between Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and Big Mom Pirates sweet general Charlotte Katakuri. Before engaging in another epic fight, Katakuri asked Luffy why he decided to return to the Mirror World instead of reuniting with his friends. The undefeated commander was wondering if Luffy already wants to die or plans to beg to become one of their allies.

Luffy bravely said that the only reason why he returned to the Mirror World is to defeat Katakuri. Luffy recalled Silvers Rayleigh saying that the most effective way to improve his Haki is by fighting a powerful opponent. In the latest episode of One Piece, Luffy and Katakuri once again demonstrated the collision of two Conqueror’s Haki. Katakuri clearly holds the upper hand in the fight, but One Piece Episode 862 showed that Luffy is starting to figure something out to finally beat the enemy.

One Piece Episode 862 also featured the Strawhat Pirates doing their best to escape from Emperor Big Mom, who is currently riding a candy wave created by her eldest son Charlotte Perospero. Because of Jinbe’s incredible skills and broad knowledge of the sea, Big Mom Pirates’ ships are unable to catch up with the Thousand Sunny. Unfortunately, the Daifuku fleet is already waiting in the direction where the Strawhat Pirates are heading.

With the Thousand Sunny being surrounding by the enemies at all sides, Nami said that they have no choice but to go straight and engage in a fight with the Daifuku fleet. Daifuku ordered his men to start loading all the cannons but he told them to use the faceless ones since Big Mom is still not in her usual self. When the Thousand Sunny was about to get in the range of the enemy, Carrot told her friends that she will handle the Daifuku fleet alone.

Like Pedro, Carrot also wants to help the Strawhat Pirates safely escape the Whole Cake Island even if it means sacrificing her own life. Carrot revealed that she will be using Sulong, a powerful transformation that can be attained by looking at the full moon. Sulong is considered as the “ace” of the Mink Tribe which they plan to use when they face Jack and the Beast Pirates again.

The Strawhat Pirates are shocked to see how strong Carrot can be in her Sulong form. She easily defeated the enemy and destroyed their ships. However, Jinbe explained that using the powerful transformation can lead to Carrot’s death, especially if she’s not well-trained on it. The final scenes of One Piece Episode 862 showed Brook heading towards the Daifuku fleet to help and save Carrot, while Chopper stayed to defend the Thousand Sunny.

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