New on Netflix for the holidays: ‘The Princess Switch,’ ‘Sabrina’ and ‘BoJack’ specials

Netflix is ready to spread some cheer this holiday season.

The streaming service has stuffed its calendar with plenty of festive fare, including heartfelt original movies, classic Christmas films, and even some of the best holiday-themed episodes from shows including “The West Wing” and “Friends.”

So clear some time in your crazy December calendar, grab your hot cocoa and get started on these holiday hits.

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A Very Murray Christmas (Netflix Original) Bill Murray hosts a holiday-themed variety show with music and comedy in a homage to classic Christmas specials.

BoJack Horseman: Christmas Special (Netflix Original) BoJack (Will Arnett) doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas until Todd arrives with a cake and a Christmas special.

Christmas Inheritance (Netflix Film) Ellen (Eliza Taylor, The 100) has to visit her father’s hometown to learn about the people there if she wants to inherit his company.

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