Nail-biting clips reveal people who narrowly avoided disaster

Close shave! Nail-biting clips reveal people who narrowly avoided disaster – including a diver almost swallowed by a blue whale

  • TikTok user Romeo Goku shares nail biting compilation videos on his page 
  • Show people seconds away from disaster but usually saved at the last minute
  • Includes a man who was saved from colliding with a train and a very lucky skier

Nail-biting video compilations which show people seconds away from catastrophe are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. 

TikTok user Romeo Goku, who boasts over 802,800 followers and 21.5million likes on the platform, shares various compilation videos on his page, showing people who have narrowly escaped disaster. 

The near misses include a diver who was nearly swallowed by a whale, and fishermen who jumped ship moments before an out of control speed boat crashed into them. 

Other clips show a reporter who narrowly missed being hit by a bus, and men who left their car seconds before it was hit by a fast moving train. 

Here FEMAIL reveals the most shocking examples of lucky individuals who had some seriously close shaves. 

Lucky you (3) ¿¿¿¿¿¿ lnstq: romeo.huber #neardeath #luckypeople

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This TV reporter narrowly missed being hit by a bus during a life report, but luckily was in the right spot for the moving vehicle to drive right past him

A diver had a lucky escape from a whale who popped up to swallow the surrounding fish where he was swimming 

These fishermen jumped ship just in time as an out of control speed boat came hurtling towards them

Lucky you (7) ¿¿¿¿¿¿ lnstq: romeo.huber #neardeath #luckypeople

This very lucky little boy was in just the right position to escape harm when this car unknowingly drove right over him 

This fire fighter narrowly escaped disaster when fleeing a burning building; he can be seen hanging off one balcony before jumping safely onto another 

Luck you (5) ¿¿¿¿¿¿ lnstq: romeo.huber #neardeath #luckypeople

This skateboarder escaped danger after doing a trick in the road and slowing down while the bus quickly stopped for him

A group of skiers were lucky to escape unscathed when their ski lift malfunctioned on the slope  

This oblivious worker had no idea a train was coming in his direction – thankfully a brave colleague came to his rescue 

Lucky you (6) ¿¿¿¿¿¿ lnstq: romeo.huber #neardeath #luckypeople

These fortunate men left their car seconds before it was hit and destroyed by a fast moving train 

The motorcyclist escaped disaster when his bike was flipped into the road after a crash and he landed on his feet on top of the car 

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