My best friend tried to kiss me on a lads’ weekend but now claims it was accident – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY best friend made a big pass at me when we stayed in a hotel.

Both of us are 27, play football together and were away on a lads’ weekend.

We always share a room, only this time had a double bed because they had no twin rooms.

We went out for food and had a lot to drink. We got to bed in the early hours.

My friend woke me by kissing me passionately and pulling me towards him with his hand under my head.

I pushed him away.

I asked for an explanation next day and he said: “Mate, I thought you were my girlfriend.”

I don’t want this affecting our friendship but I am confused.

Should I raise it again or put it down to being one of those things?

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DEIDRE SAYS: You do value his friendship so why not go along with his explanation?

It is credible and, if it was a genuine mistake, he probably feels mortified.

So bringing it up again will not help.

If he did have designs on you, then you have been clear that you are not interested so it should not spoil the friendship.

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