Mother told she's 'let herself go' since giving birth hits back

Mother-of-three who was told she’s ‘let herself go’ because of weight gain, bushy eyebrows and ‘a few chin hairs’ hits back by posing naked as she tells other mums they don’t need to be ‘perfect’

  • Blogger Laura Mazz, from Melbourne, addressed critics in a Facebook post
  • Mother-of-three said she’s been accused of ‘letting herself go’ since giving birth
  • She argued the only things mothers let go is their sleep and time to themselves
  • Responses praised the admission and reassured Laura that she looks ‘beautiful’ 

A parenting blogger who has had her appearance critiqued since giving birth, has penned a heartfelt post reassuring other mothers who’ve had similar experiences to take pride in accepting themselves.

Laura Mazz from Melbourne, revealed on Facebook that people have accused her of ‘letting herself go’ since giving birth.

The mother-of-three who has over 245,000 followers on the social media site, said she’s gained weight and hasn’t shaped her eyebrows, but women shouldn’t be judged on changes in the way they look.

She reassured her followers that they don’t have to follow mainstream beauty trends to be considered beautiful and urged them to accept themselves, instead of striving  to keep up with the expectations of society. 

Mother-of-three Laura Mazz, from Australia, responded to critics who claim she’s ‘let herself go’ since giving birth 

Laura (pictured) said she’s gained weight and hasn’t shaped her eyebrows, as mothers the time and the work needed to maintain their appearances is sacrificed 

In her Facebook post, Laura revealed that when she speaks about her experience with depression it seems ‘unmerited’ if her eyebrows are unkempt. 

‘I was told recently that I had let myself go. I’ve gained some weight, my eyebrows are shaggy, got a couple of chin hairs. And so it goes, I’ve let myself go,’ she said.

Laura explained many mothers sacrifice their bodies and the work needed to maintain their appearance while caring for their children. 

She continued: ‘It’s just like after I, and many other women, put on weight during pregnancy, don’t“bounce back” we are labelled as letting ourselves go.

‘As soon as a woman is considered as having let herself go, anything she does in that current state of “letting herself go” doesn’t count. Me for example, talking about depression with unplucked eyebrows means what I say doesn’t have merit.

‘A woman who has given birth 18 months ago without having a washboard stomach must be lazy and anything she says about health isn’t true. 

Laura (pictured) said women who don’t have a washboard stomach within 18 months of giving birth aren’t lazy 

The mother-of-three who has over 245,000 followers, said women don’t have to wear Spanx and shape their body if they don’t wan to 

‘As a woman, we are not meant to show ourselves in any other state other than perfect. No one is meant to know that getting dressed up, applying make up, fixing your wrinkles, exercising, lip filler, getting your nails done, shaving your legs – all of that is work. When we do that, we appear normal. When we don’t, we’ve let ourself go.

‘You don’t have to wear the most flattering outfit to be considered beautiful. You don’t have to dye your greys to be considered smart. If you want to wear something that feels comfortable, why not wear something that feels comfortable?

‘You don’t have to wear layers of spandex and spanx to shape your body if you don’t want to, because the shape of your bodies is simply the shape of your body. Amazing the way it is. If all of that means letting myself go, why wouldn’t we?

‘Mothers don’t let themselves go, however they let a lot of things go. Like sleep, time to themselves, their own self! Having some extra weight and bushy eyebrows is not a crime and I won’t apologise for it. My body is not an apology. I don’t owe anyone “health” either.

‘So yeah I’ve let a lot of things go… But me..? letting myself go? No I’m just embracing it and letting myself be.

Laura (pictured) said mothers shouldn’t be defined by society’s expectations of beauty 

‘So wear the sweatpants, the yoga pants and the trackies and let yourself go! Let yourself go of all society’s expectations. Your beauty is defined IN you. In whatever state you chose to be.’

The post resonated with her followers and many mothers reassured Laura that she looks beautiful.

One person wrote: ‘You inspire all of us! Some days it is hard to love ourselves. Helps to have you remind me that we are perfect the way we are.’

‘As long as us women are happy and healthy, really shouldn’t listen to negative people and their comments. Well done for standing up and being unapologetic. Celebrate those curves and mum tums that created life,’ another said.

A third added: ‘Absolutely love this and you look beautiful! Why is change considered ‘letting ourselves go’! Motherhood is so difficult, were lucky to get a shower before we actually smell like grime! Keep up the great inspiring work… thank you for being authentic’

A stream of responses to the post reassured Laura that she looks beautiful and said they resonate with her post

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