Mother in stitches as teen daughter is stuck with duck lips

Girl, 12, is left with left with huge swollen lips for TWO DAYS after trying the Kylie Jenner-inspired shot glass challenge

  • Danni Greenland, 30, recorded Lily, 12, as she did the Kylie Jenner’s lip challenge
  • Mother from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire didn’t expect her daughter’s lips to swell
  • In challenge, women put lips in shot glass and suck air out to make them plump
  • Danni said she hopes it will put Lily off having fillers in the future  

This is the hilarious moment a teenager tried to recreate the Kylie Jenner lip challenge with a shot glass – only to ‘end up looking like Pete Burns’ with a swollen pout for two days afterwards.

Danni Greenland, 30, from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, recorded her daughter Lily Greenland with her mouth inside a small shot glass, and couldn’t stop laughing when her lips emerged swollen four times their size.

The mother claimed Lily’s lips looked like ‘lip fillers gone very wrong’, and said the teen was almost unable to talk as her inflated bottom lip hung so low.

In the footage, the 12-year-old’s eyes began to water as she held her lips in the shot glass, and mumbled that ‘it hurt’, when Danni asked why she was crying.

The mum-of-three then told her to take the shot glass off – and burst into laughter as her daughter’s transformation was revealed.

Lily Greenland, 12, from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, was recorded by her mother as she attempted the Kylie Jenner lip challenge  

Lily (pictured) was just playing around with the shot glass, but was shocked to find her lips were three to four times bigger than usual 

The teen was stuck two days with the abnormally big pout and had to attend school with the distorted lips 

In the video, Lily covered her mouth with her hand before dashing off to take a look in the mirror and later showed off her enormous lips to her mother’s delight.

She then attempted to pout and flicked her inflated bottom lip with tears of laughter streaming down her face.

Danni claimed the swelling stayed put for nearly two days straight and Lily was forced to go to school with her new distended mouth – with even her teachers calling her a ‘doughnut’.

Danni, said: ‘I would say she looked like Pete Burns, to be honest. I’ve never seen lips like it in real life. It was very surreal. It was like a lip filler job gone very wrong.

What’s the Kylie Jenner lip challenge?  

Like many viral challenges before, the Kylie Jenner challenge was born on social media, like the aptly named Ice Bucket Challenge – where people doused themselves in buckets full of ice. 

The challenge was named after the TV star and makeup executive, as thousands of teens tried to emulate her puffy lips. 

In order to do so, teens would insert their lips into a small glass, jar or bottles and suck the air out.   

The challenge went wrong on plenty of occasions, leaving young girls with torn or sore lips.  

Jenner responded to the criticism on social media after report of lip-challenge-gone-wrong populated the media . 

She said: ‘I’m not here to try & encourage people/young girls to look like me or to think this is the way they should look. 

‘I want to encourage people/young girls like me to be YOURSELF & not be afraid to experiment with your look,’ she added. 

‘Hopefully it’s put her off having lip fillers when she’s older. They were probably about three or four times of the size of her natural lips. She usually has quite small natural lips.

‘I didn’t realise she was going to do it or that was really going to happen. I started recording because her lips looked funny in the shot glass. I hid my phone and filmed her,’ Danni went on. 

‘Lily was just watching some silly videos. She was sitting next to me and I saw her with the shot glass. Her lips seemed to stay that big.

‘She took it off her lips and looked like that. It was really funny. I found it so shocking seeing how big her lips were. They’re looking nice and bruised now,’ she added. 

‘They’re not as big, but they’re still not back to normal. They’re a bit big and underneath her lip she looks like she’s got a beard now. 

Danni, Lily’s mother, recorded her whole and could not stop laughing when Lily took the glass off her lips 

Danni said that a few days lafter the misfortune, Lily’s lips (pictured) are still not back to normal. ‘She looks like she’s got big lips and a bit of stubble,’ she said 

‘It looks like she’s got stubble. She looks like she’s got big lips and a bit of stubble. It just looks dirty. It’s not a good look.

‘It was only on her lips for about a minute. It was mad how plumped up they did get just from a shot glass, to be honest. It worked, but that’s not the look you want.

‘She was eating fine, but with talking her bottom lip was just hanging down because it was so big.

‘So when Lily was talking she couldn’t say the words properly. She looked like a baboon, but that didn’t last too long.

Lily could barely talk after trying the challenge due to her inflated lips. Her mother says she hopes it will teach her not to resort to lip fillers in the future

‘She was saying she wants to do it for prom when she’s older and I was saying, “no, you’re not”. Maybe she hasn’t learned.’

Danni posted the video online where it received more than 3,500 likes, views and comments.

But although the challenge was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s own lips, Danni claimed Lily is not a fan.

Danni, who works as a customer service manager, said: ‘Everyone says how funny it is. A lot of people were on about getting it done themselves to save on lip fillers.

‘Lily has had quite a reaction to it with everyone laughing and sharing it. 

Danni said the glass was on Lily’s lips for only a minute, but that the tricl worked very fast, and added the lips were too big and painful 

‘This is the sort of thing she normally gets up to. She does tend to do quite a few things. I’ll be at work and will get a “mum” call when she’s done something silly,’ she said. 

‘She once got a ring stuck around her toe. She’s like having a two-year-old.. I think she just wanted bigger lips to be honest, she’s not got anything going on,’ she added. 

‘She was just acting like a teenage girl I suppose. Lily [does not] think Kylie Jenner is [attractive]. She doesn’t want her lips. One of her friends tagged Kylie Jenner in the video.’ 

Lily’s mother Danni (pictured) said a lot of people saw the video and laughed at Lily’s misfortune 



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