Mom Accidentally Kills Infant Son by Dying on Top of Him

“It’s a very, very tragic incident,” police said.

An Arizona toddler has died after his dying mother collapsed on top of him.

38-year-old Larinique Meadows accidentally fell onto her four-month-old son Denari Meadows after she suffered a cardiac episode, suffocating him.

Investigators in Tempe searched her phone and discovered she had been researching chest pains online; however she never called 911.

The double tragedy was discovered by the boy’s father at 5pm Saturday evening, when he woke up to begin his night shift at work. He last saw his family alive before going to sleep at 11am that morning.

"It’s a very, very tragic incident in which we believe that she had some sort of heart condition, heart episode, and then passed away and fell on top of Denari," said Detective Greg Bacon with Tempe Police, who confirmed foul play was not suspected.

"Dad — who is a very hardworking man, he works nights — had gotten home from working the previous evening. When he woke up he found that mom Larinique was on top of Denari, and figured they were both deceased at that point."

The medical examiner has yet to confirm either cause of death; but because the baby had no signs of injury, suffocation is very likely.

"It’s very, very sad, and we mourn for that family," Detective Bacon said, per AZFamily.

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