Meghan Markle Plans To ‘Spoil’ Prince Harry With ‘Thanksgiving Feast’ In Their New Apartment

Prince Harry better bring his appetite, because we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that his pregnant wife, Meghan Markle, is about to treat the British royal to the full Thanksgiving experience –- and his family is invited!

Thanksgiving — in the United Kingdom? And in the royal palace? It’s more likely than you think, especially since the Duchess of Sussex (aka Meghan Markle, 37) is an American. She can’t wait to treat Prince Harry, 34, to the beloved American tradition, and she’s going to go all out this year. “Meghan loves being a newlywed and loves spoiling Harry,” a friend of Meghan’s EXCLUSIVELY tells “So, she is planning to host an American style Thanksgiving feast at her new Kensington Palace apartment and she’s going to be making it all from scratch.”

“She’s an amazing cook and loves making big holiday dinners,” the insider tells “Since Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in England, there are no plans to have a dinner so it’s the perfect chance for her to host something.” The source adds that Meghan plans to do the “traditional roast turkey with all the fixings,” though no word on if the potatoes will be scalloped, mashed, twice baked or a combination of all three. As it is, perhaps she should just order takeaway, as the source says Harry’s “a bit worried about her overdoing it, her being pregnant and all.”

Yet, the source says that Meghan’s “full of energy and “very excited to be doing this dinner for her new Royal family, there’s no way he could stop her so he’s offered to pitch in and be her sous chef.” Good on you, Meghan. Put that boy to work!

After all, they’re expecting a lot of people over for dinner, as the insider tells that this is not just a dinner for two. “This will be for the younger royals,” the insider said, explaining that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles will not attend – “that would be way too much pressure” – but Kate Middleton, 36, and Prince William, 36, are coming. “Their kids, of course, will be there and Princess Eugenie and her new husband, too,” the source says. “Meghan’s planning to invite a few of Harry’s good friends and their wives and kids, it’ll be a proper Thanksgiving feast.”

England doesn’t official celebrate Thanksgiving, though the holiday is observed in other countries like Australia, Canada, Grenada, and the Philippines. Similar holidays, like Erntedankfest in Germany and Thai Pongal in India, are harvest festivals and are lumped in with the traditional Thanksgiving revelry. The UK has its own Harvest festival, though Thanksgiving is growing in popularity over in Britain.

“We take a lot of our food-trend cues from America so it makes sense that we would give Thanksgiving foods a try,” Jonathan Moore, the executive chef at Waitrose, told the Independent in 2015. “As American restaurants and bars storm ahead in this country, we are also seeing demand for key ingredients such as pumpkin purée, sweet potatoes, turkey and cranberries soaring around this time of year.” Ooh, maybe Meghan can try some pumpkin purée with her dinner this year?

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