Meghan Markle Isn't 'Afraid to Call the Shots' in Her Marriage: Why She 'Knows What She Wants'

Meghan Markle’s every move has been criticized and she’s even earned some unkind nicknames in the process, such as “difficult duchess.” Is Markle misunderstood? According to one expert, Markle just “knows what she wants,” especially when it comes to her marriage to Prince Harry.

Did Markle’s first marriage make her tougher?

According to dating and relationship coach Sami Wunder, Markle’s first marriage to Trevor Engelson may have toughened her up a bit. The marriage ended in divorce 18 months after they tied the knot, likely due to their conflicting work schedules.

Wunder asserts that Markle’s failed relationship had an impact on her marriage to Prince Harry, as she told “Meghan is not afraid to call the shots and make her own decisions, something many women with less experience would be afraid to do.”

According to Wunder, the end of her marriage allowed Markleto know what she really wanted in a relationship. She explained: “Just the factthat Meghan went on to date Prince Harry after her bad marriage to TrevorEngelson tells me that she is a woman who believes in love and in not givingup.”

She added: “Entering into a second marriage, I am confidentshe has come into it learning the bitter yet useful principles from a brokenmarriage and painful divorce. While there is no magic formula that can predictwhether a second marriage will be successful or not, it is true that recoveringfrom a first bad marriage can actually make you into a better, richer, wiserand more mature person.”

Markle ‘knows what she wants’

Wunder believes that Markle emerged from the wreckage of her first marriage with this type of wisdom, noting: “She knows what she wants — whether it’s deciding to live away from William and Kate in her own home or having her mother by her side during the birth of her son.”

She continued: “Now it is only natural that the first timearound one is all doe-eyed and believes that love is enough to make a marriagelast.”

Markle’s second marriage, by comparison, is different, with Wunder remarking that this time, “a woman like Meghan realizes that while love is the foundation, wisdom, skills, patience and having a sense of humor, all play a role too, in the longevity of the relationship.”

Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry is deeper

Wunder further notes that a second marriage allows a woman to have a deeper understanding of that relationship, noting: “I believe that having navigated a bad divorce, Meghan cherishes and values the love and support she has found in Prince Harry and understands that marriage is not just about the glorious moments but also about embracing the imperfections, warts and all that come as a result of the union. 

“Lastly, without going into the details of the mistakes that happened in the first marriage, Meghan is a woman who would have learnt from them, without a doubt,” she shared, adding, “This learning and wisdom and experience she brings to her marriage with Prince Harry, which can only be a good thing.”

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