Man Who Lost His House in California Wildfire Finds Wife's Wedding Ring in Debris

As three fires continue to sweep through Northern and Southern California, one man who lost his home found his wife’s wedding ring still intact.

Jake Olsen, a game warden, looked for the ring — which his wife had said she had left on their kitchen countertop — as he surveyed the remains of his house in Paradise, California, FOX affiliate KTVU reported.

“It’s just amazing,” Olsen said in an Inside Edition video. “I just didn’t think we were going to find [the ring], but we had to try.”

“There used to be a countertop here with the sink,” he added. “She said that she had left it here … and it was there. It’s just a miracle.”

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According to a GoFundMe page for the family — which has raised more than $58,000 — the California Department of Fish and Wildlife officer, his wife and their four kids were not the only relatives struck by misfortune. His parents, his wife’s parents, his wife’s grandparents, his sister-in-law and his wife’s uncle also lost their homes.

“You can’t understand it until you’re here,” Olsen said of the destruction in California in the video. “You can’t fathom it in your mind. It’s just too much to take in.”

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“Yes, six houses lost in total and all related to Warden Olsen,” the GoFundMe says. “During the fire, Warden Olsen could not see his house until the morning after because he was helping evacuate the Feather River Hospital as part of his duty to this state.”

In addition to the ring, Olsen saw that two of his house’s appliances had survived the blaze. “My wife couldn’t believe that — I told her the washer and dryer are still standing. How does that happen?” Olsen told Inside Edition.

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The Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire and Hill Fire have killed 44 people, The New York Times reported on Monday.

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