Make your iron look brand new with this 35p cleaning hack

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During lockdown most of us have had enough time on our hands to fix and organise our homes and wardrobes.

And with the rise of TikTok, we've been inundated with new, interesting hacks to give a go in our spare time.

From fixing broken zippers to optimising your wardrobe space, the list has been adding up.

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We all enjoy finding and trying out a new hack, and our latest one hasn’t disappointed.

Have you ever had that moment where you go to iron a crisp white shirt or a nice blouse and your iron inconveniently leaves dirty marks or even worse, burns?

What causes these scorch marks on your irons is all down to the temperature when you’re ironing.

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If you have it constantly on the highest heat and the fabric you’re ironing doesn’t need this, you run the risk of not only burning the piece of clothing but also the iron’s plate.

Our latest discovery will show you how to make your iron look like the day your brought it.

This cleaning hack is done all from using one simple, common household item that you’ll find in your medicine cabinet.

While you might normally associate it with helping to relieve pain symptoms, Paracetamol can actually help you clean your iron too. and better still, it's so super cheap, you can get paracetamol in all local supermarkets and from as little as 35p from ASDA.

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In order to carry out this easy hack, you firstly need to do is put you iron on the highest heat it can go.

Then once it’s heated up, using a pair of tweezers, you simply rub a single paracetamol table over the iron’s plate.

Keep rubbing the tablet and you’ll see that it starts melting as it breaks down the scorch marks.

After you’ve done a small section, take a damp cloth and wipe away the residue.

The process roughly takes 2-4 tablets, depending on the condition of your iron.

For stubborn marks, just keep rubbing the tablet over the surface and they’ll eventually lift and come off.

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Once you've wiped the iron clean, your iron will be left looking as good as new (or near enough).

So next time you're shopping, pick up a cheap packet of paracetamol and give your iron the makeover it deserves.

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