Look Back at Lady Gaga's Most Stunning Oscars Moments, Just Because She's Fabulous

Look Back at Lady Gaga’s Most Stunning Oscars Moments, Just Because She’s Fabulous

With the rapturous reception and serious buzz around A Star Is Born, it seems pretty likely that Lady Gaga will appear at the 2019 Oscars — most likely with multiple nominations for the film and as a performer as well. This won’t be Gaga’s first appearance at the Academy Awards though; it wouldn’t even be her first nomination!

We won’t know just how big a contender A Star Is Born (and Gaga) will be until Oscar nominations are announced on the morning of Jan. 22. But in the meantime, we’re looking back at Gaga’s past appearances at the Oscars of previous years. From glamorous red-carpet style to showstopping performances, here are some of the highlights of Gaga’s history with Hollywood’s biggest celebration.

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