Littlewoods unveil circus-themed festive advert for Christmas 2018

The race to be crowned king of the Christmas ads is on! Littlewoods joins Asda, Aldi and Tesco by unveiling an early attempt to win the hearts of festive shoppers (but John Lewis is waiting in the wings)

  • The high street’s annual battle for shoppers’ attention has begun in earnest
  • Littlewoods is the latest to air its Christmas offering, featuring a ring-master mum performing at circus in a tribute to blockbuster The Greatest Showman
  • Trapeze artists, jugglers and magicians use tricks to show off latest gadgets 
  • But Asda’s heart-warming winter slope scene looks like being a front-runner
  • Meanwhile, Tesco, Amazon, Argos, Aldi and others have also revealed their ads
  • John Lewis, famous for pouring millions into its festive offering, has yet to air 

Early November it may be but the annual battle to persuade shoppers to part with their Christmas shopping budget is already well underway.

Despite the gloomy economic climate for high-street stores, there’s plenty of festive cheer going on in these yuletide sales pitches – with Littlewoods the latest retail giant to unleash its Christmas ad. 

The online store has gone for a circus-themed advert, which encourages the public to ‘own the show’. The ad, which draws inspiration from the American musical film The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman, features plenty of tricks and stunts to showcase the latest gadgets.

So, with the race on to produce an ad that can turn heartfelt sentiments into actual purchases, who’s winning so far?

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Littlewoods has released its  festive advert for this year, which focuses on a circus ring-inspired by the brand’s purple circle logo

The commercial showcases the store’s latest offerings through stunts and tricks, including one performer who balances a TV, a laptop, a phone and a pair of headphones on his foot

Another scene features a little girl who is using her magic wand to make toys, including a light-up unicorn, dance for her


Produced by creative agency St Luke’s, the clip centres around a ringmaster mother performing at a circus inspired by the Littlewoods purple circle logo. 

From a stack of phones, laptops and headphones precariously balancing on a performer’s foot to a little girl using a magic wand to make a light-up unicorn dance, the ad quickly races through Littlewood’s offerings. 

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Instead of using music from the original score, which won a Golden Globe for the song ‘This Is Me’, the producers used a cover by rock band Panic! at the Disco. 

The clip also features a circus performer juggling baubles alongside a trapeze artist sitting on a moon shaped swing which she uses to attach a star to the top of a Christmas tree. Towards the end of the advert, the ringmaster mother returns and brings up five audience members who are dressed rather plainly. 

Meanwhile, John Lewis keeps shoppers waiting for a glimpse of the Rocket Man…

The most anticipated of the festive ads, John Lewis’ annual offering, is still being kept tightly under wraps, although fans were sent into a frenzy this week after an apparent first look at the commercial emerged online.

The short clip, posted on Twitter, shows a mystery figure playing the opening notes of Elton John’s Rocket Man at a piano, next to a Christmas tree hung with an astronaut bauble.

The short video opens with an astronaut bauble hanging on a Christmas tree, pictured, and pans to the mystery figure at the piano

Details of the John Lewis Christmas advert, including its release date, have not yet been confirmed by Sir Elton, 71, pictured on stage last month, is widely rumoured to be involved 

Excited viewers were quick to suggest it is a sneak-peak at the retailer’s festive offering. 

It comes amid widespread speculation that Sir Elton will star in this year’s TV spot – one of the most hotly-anticipated events of the season.

The 16-second video, shot on a high quality camera, opens with a close-up shot of an astronaut bauble hanging on a twinkling Christmas tree.

The camera pans to the left to reveal someone sitting at the piano in what appears to be a satin all-in-one costume, playing the opening bars of Sir Elton’s 1972 hit Rocket Man.

Last year, the retailer, who rebranded over the summer, featured a cuddly monster to try and persuade shoppers to spend with them.  

She then lifts up a shimmering silver partition before dropping it to reveal their brand new outfits, including a dapper looking suit, three different sequin dresses and a ‘ho ho ho’ Christmas jumper.

Julian Vizard, Creative Partner at St Luke’s, said: ‘When parents feel they have to pull off the biggest production of the year, Littlewoods is there to help them own it with easy ways to manage the cost.’


This is followed by an avalanche of dancing skiers, Santas on motor bikes, cowboys riding Christmas trees

Asda has yet again become the first supermarket to kick off its Christmas campaign with the launch of its ‘Bring Christmas Home’ TV ad – which will hit screens tonight.

The adrenaline-fuelled ad sees Santa launch a flaming Christmas pudding into the air before an avalanche of dancing skiers, Santas on motor bikes, cowboys riding Christmas trees and even stunt driving Yetis descend down a snowy mountain to bring Christmas home to an excited young girl.

Set to the classic festive song ‘Christmas (baby please come home)’ the 60 second ad captures the spirit of excitement that is bringing Christmas home.

According to Asda’s Chief Customer Officer Andy Murray, the inspiration for the ad was that sense of Christmas being a time when people focus a huge amount of energy and effort on bringing people together and ‘coming home’. 

The commercial begins with Santa launching a flaming Christmas pudding into the air 

Asda is the first supermarket to launch its festive advert encouraging customers to ‘Bring Christmas Home’


Aldi’s festive advert stars Kevin the Carrot for a third year, who drives a bright orange truck through a snowy forest

At the end of the advert Kevin’s truck is left hanging off a cliff after a block of snow fell into his path

Aldi also released its advert earlier this week – and caused controversy when the brand was accused of copying the iconic Coca-Cola truck.

The advert sees the return of Kevin the Carrot – who appeared in last year’s ad as well as 2016’s – driving a bright orange truck with lights all around it.

The vehicle’s striking similarity to the instantly recognisable Coca-Cola truck hasn’t gone unnoticed by Brits – many of who were fooled into thinking it was the original advert.


It sees people debate the best ways to cook a turkey, or in this grandmother’s case a goose

Exploring how different people celebrate Christmas, there is a special focus on how the nation enjoys food and drink

Tesco is the latest store to unveil its Christmas advert capturing the very different ways families celebrate the occasion 

Tesco has captured the great festive debate in its 2018 Christmas campaign with the first in a suite of TV adverts.

The ‘However you do Christmas, everyone’s welcome at Tesco’ campaign, celebrates the many debates, rituals and routines that make Christmas what it is for people up and down the country.

Building on the success of last year’s adverts, the new campaign shows a number of families and friends uniting and embarking on the most established of seasonal get-togethers – and debating our traditional differences.  

The campaign, which uses a composed version of Fleetwood Mac’s hit, ‘Go Your Own Way’, will run throughout November and December, setting up the idea of ‘However you do Christmas’.


Sing like you mean it! The back of a delivery truck is opened to reveal a stack of singing parcels

Easy collection: Another customer is seen using an Amazon Pickup Locker for their delivery

Lighting up the sky: A busy mother uses Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa to turn on the lights covering her house, pictured, allowing the company to plug more of its products

Online heavyweight Amazon has unveiled a 90-second feel-good TV spot to rival the likes of John Lewis and Marks & Spencer as it once again goes head-to-head with bricks and mortar stores with its one-stop shop approach. 

The heart-warming campaign sees a chorus of animated Amazon boxes singing the Jackson 5 hit Can You Feel It? as they are transported to excited customers in homes, hospitals and office buildings around the world. 

The 90-second Amazon offering opens with a single singing brown delivery box catching the attention of a little girl making a gingerbread house at the dining room table of a cosy family home decorated with twinkling fairy lights.

It cuts to a scene of an office worker typing away in her cubicle whose face lights up as the mailman pushes a stack of Amazon parcels past her desk.

Busy families, delivery drivers and a nurse tending to a child in their hospital bed all start to feel the festive cheer when they come face-to-face with the singing boxes.


The commercial sees the pink impish creature with bells on its ears making an effort to ruin the celebrations 

When the skies open and it rains rather than snows the creature is seen reveling in the disaster

Argos is the second retailer to unveil its festive advert with ‘the Christmas Fool’ (pictured) taking centre stage

Another early runner, Argos has gone for a festive fool determined to ruin Christmas.

The mischievous impish creature causing chaos for families during the festive period by rewiring their lights, opening their gifts and stealing their instruction manuals.

Given a prime slot during Coronation Street on ITV and Gogglebox on Channel 4, the ad sees the sprite causing chaos for families during the festive period by rewiring their lights, opening their gifts and stealing their instruction manuals.

The creature is eventually foiled in its quest to cause chaos around the house by one of the retailer’s Fast Track delivery drivers.

Last year the retailer was the first to launch its Christmas campaign on November 3 with its ultra modern take on Santa’s workshop.


The cut-price supermarket has gone for not one but three ads this year, the first of which aired back in September. Each mini-ad, just 20 seconds long, goes for the idea of how to upgrade your Christmas on a budget.

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