‘Legacies’ Recap: Jeremy Gilbert Returns & Hope Bonds With Josie

Hello again, Jeremy Gilbert! Elena’s little brother returned during the Nov. 8 episode of ‘Legacies.’ Plus, Alaric found himself in the middle of drama with his daughters and Hope.

While learning chain spells, Hope and the Saltzman twins are called to Alaric’s office. They’re ordered to do community service: Josie and Lizzie for what went down at the game and Hope for using black magic. Lizzie tries to make excuses and throws Josie under the bus. Alaric just wants them to work together and not start drama. That’s easier said than done. Josie gets pissed at Lizzie for throwing her under the bus and decides to stick close to Hope for the day.

The Mystic Falls High School kids continue to bully the Salvatore School kids. One of them throws a milkshake on Lizzie! She stomps back to school and blames Alaric. If he had just been at the game, everything would have been different. Lizzie helps out in the garden instead of going back to town. One of the little kids, Pedro, notices the gargoyle moving. Lizzie and Pedro run, but Lizzie’s attacked by the gargoyle and can’t speak. But she does manage to put a containment spell around the school.

Rafael and Landon are still on the run. Landon is still preoccupied about Hope and what she’s thinking. They start to make money using Rafael’s powers. Someone is following them, and they better watch out. “Run wolf or die” is written on one of the bills, but Landon doesn’t say anything to Rafael about it.

While they’re picking up trash, Josie and Hope start to talk and bond a little bit. Hope reveals that she got in trouble for using black magic, but didn’t tell Alaric that Josie was involved. They get a kick out of Hope accidentally stabbing herself with the trash picker. Hope doesn’t understand why Josie lets Lizzie run the show all the time. Josie tells Hope that Lizzie’s been upset lately because Caroline’s been away on “recruitment missions.” I am so here for Hosie. Josie begins to feel Lizzie’s pain as the poison takes over Lizzie’s body.

Before they know it, Rafael and Landon wake up in chains. Jeremy Gilbert is there to help them out! He’s taken care of the werewolf hunter who was after them. He says he works for Alaric sometimes. Jeremy gets them out of their bind and sends them on their way. Rafael refuses to go back to school without Landon.

Alaric goes after the gargoyle solo. Even though he comes face-to-face with the foe, the gargoyle doesn’t hurt Alaric. Josie and Hope soon make it home. The gargoyle took the knife, so Josie, Hope, and Alaric team up to take this villain down. In the middle of the fight, Alaric jumps in front of Hope. Josie and Hope use their powers together to obliterate the gargoyle. Josie turns around and yells at her dad for nearly sacrificing himself for Hope. Even though he knew the gargoyle wouldn’t hurt him, that doesn’t help Alaric’s case with Josie.

Later, Hope wants Alaric to stop keeping secrets from everyone at the school. He’s completely transparent about everything and even sends the knife away, since that seems to be the root of all their recent problems. Despite their earlier bonding session, Josie and Hope go back to the way things were between them. Nooo!

Landon comes back to school with Rafael, and it doesn’t take long for him and Hope to come face-to-face. As mad as she may still be at him. Hope has one hell of a connection to Landon.

At the end of the episode, Mystic Falls High kids Dana and Sasha are outside the Salvatore School ready to deface the sign. Sasha gets out of the car to make a call and something or someone attacks her. Dana, you better run!

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