Kate Middleton Could Be Open To Baby Number 4 As She Said, ‘Never Say Never,’ Per ‘The Mirror’

Royal fans might be delighted to hear that Kate Middleton reportedly claimed “never say never” when it comes to a potential baby No. 4, according to The Mirror. So far, Kate and Prince William have three kids: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. But with that being said, Middleton is believed to feel “happier than ever” and “complete.” Their kids are of great interest to the public, considering that George is next in line to the throne following Prince Charles and William. After George is Charlotte and Louis.

And so far, the kids’ relationship with the media varies greatly, with George appearing to be more timid and shy while Charlotte knows how to play to a crowd. It’s not uncommon to see the young girl photographed with her tongue sticking out, doing her sweet royal wave, and from time to time, making cheeky remarks to the paparazzi. Of course, Prince Louis, being just seven months old, has yet to reveal his personality.

Recently, Kate and William’s parenting skills were thrust into the spotlight as a pair of rambunctious twins, Sai and Taran Gotani, met the couple at an event honoring Leicester City Football Club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. And from what transpired, it’s obvious that the royal couple are deft parents, knowing exactly how to handle potentially embarrassing situations.

At one point, a boy demonstrated his affinity for headbutting, while another asked Kate how old she was. One boy even got the guts to kiss Middleton rather than stick with a formal handshake. All the while, their mom watched from the sidelines and could only hope for the best, detailed People.

“Sai was shouting, ‘Kate, how is Charlotte?’ And Taran has got a thing with numbers. He was saying, ‘How old are you, Kate? When is your birthday?’ I’m sweating, literally!”

But as one might expect from the ever-gracious Kate, her response to the boys’ antics were gentle and kind.

“But she [Kate] said: ‘It’s absolutely fine. Don’t do anything. Let them be. I’m used to it.’ Oh my God! She is amazing with them.”

At any rate, Middleton and William likely have their hands full with their three kids for now. Perhaps in the future we might hear news of a fourth baby, but right now it’s pure speculation.

On the other hand, Duchess Meghan is expecting her first child with Prince Harry. She’s expected to give birth this spring.

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