Kate Middleton and Prince William reach 10 million Instagram followers

Royal fans congratulate Kate Middleton and Prince William as their Kensington Palace Instagram account reaches 10MILLION followers – 600K more than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

  • Prince William, 37, and Kate, 37, have reached 10 million Instagram followers
  • Royal fans are going wild celebrating the achievement for @KensingtonRoyal
  • An expert suggested the couple’s following could now quickly snowball further 
  • Meanwhile Prince Harry, 34, and Meghan Markle, 38, are languishing behind 
  • Their royal account @SussexRoyal stands at 9.4 million followers 
  • Comes after it emerged Meghan told PR firm she wants to ‘break the internet’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating a social media milestone as their official Instagram account reached 10 million followers over the weekend.

Royal fans are going wild over the achievement, which sees the official Instagram of Kate Middleton, 37, and Prince William, 37, reach a grand total of 10million.

The Sussex Royal Instagram account used by Prince Harry, 34, and Meghan Markle, 38, has 9.4million followers.

Fans rushed to social media to congratulate Kate and Will on their latest achievement, with one writing: ‘Congratulations on reaching 10 million! Keep up the good work.’

Kate Middleton and Prince William are celebrating reaching a social media milestone of 10 million followers on their Instagram account 

The Cambridges reached the achievement on their social media account @KensingtonRoyal, and are the royal family to do so 

Royal fans rushed to congratulate Prince William and Kate on the achievement, with many posting on their latest Instagram image with their ‘congratulations.’

One wrote: ’10 million followers!!! Congratulations to you!’

Another commented: ‘Happy 10 million!’ 

One added: ‘You hit the 10 mill mark! Congratulations.’ 

Royal fans flooded social media with comments congratulating Prince William and Kate Middleton on their achievement

And an expert predicted that now @KensingtonRoyal have reached 10 million followers, this number could quickly snowball further, as more people flood to the account. 

Tom Jacobs, Head of Ads at marketing agency, Distract, said it was a huge milestone, saying: ’10 million followers is a massive achievement – just consider how much it would cost to reach those people through paid ads. 

‘It could run into thousands and thousands, even on cheap advertising platforms like social media.’

He explained: ‘What it shows is that the royals are going direct to their audience with their message, and people clearly want to listen.’

Kate and William often share snaps of their royal engagements as well as their family milestones, recently posting a picture of Prince George and Princess Charlotte from her first day of school 

‘This will definitely snowball too, when people like something, often their friends will then see it in their feeds and follow too.

‘If you have more people liking/sharing, you reach more feeds quicker, so we are likely to see that number escalate further.’ 

Kate and Prince William often share snaps of royal engagements and causes on their Instagram account.

The couple also regularly post images of their children for official engagements, such as their birthdays or first day at school, which have often been taken by the Duchess.

An expert predicted that now @KensingtonRoyal has reached 10 million followers, the royal couples following could quickly snowball further as people flood to the account (pictured, Kate and William at Wimbledon Tennis final in July)

Most recently they shared a snap of Princess Charlotte’s first day of school, with the little royal posing alongside Prince George on the steps of Kensington Palace. 

Tom added: ‘The recent content that has been shared, particularly Princess Charlotte’s first day at school will have boosted their popularity as the trend for sharing this kind of photo among the general population shows a similarity between William and Kate’s life and theirs. 

‘If you get into the detail, there are as many as four times more likes for those photos than ones simply depicting the couple’s royal duties. The trick here is not to overshare, they have the right idea when it comes to selective content.’ 

The Cambridges are the first of the Royal Family’s accounts to reach the incredible accolade.   

An expert suggested that the popularity of the Instagram account may have been boosted as Will and Kate share personal snaps to mark milestones, such as their children’s birthdays, which people can relate to (pictured, an image of Prince George shared on his sixth birthday) 

Meanwhile Prince Harry and Meghan, who have 9.4 million followers on the platform, also regularly posted images of themselves at engagements. 

More recently they have started sharing quotes from inspirational figures in white writing on a navy background featuring their monogram. 

Prince William and Kate’s achievement comes days after it was reported that Meghan Markle said she told a PR firm she wanted to ‘break the internet’.

The Duchess reportedly made the statement during a meeting with the company, Sunshine Sachs. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have 600,000 followers less than Prince William and Kate with just 9.4 million fans on Instagram 

The news comes days after reports emerged Meghan had told a PR company that she wanted to ‘break the internet’  

The Sussexes’ online enthusiasm has caused surprise as Harry previously claimed social media was more addictive than drugs or alcohol. 

Meghan was, on the other hand, enthralled by social media while she was still an actress. She would often share lifestyle posts and recipes on Instagram alongside images of her home and gatherings with friends. 

It was reported earlier this month that Prince Harry and Meghan had recruited online whizz David Watkins, who had previously worked for fashion designer Burberry, as their new communications expert.

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