Justin Bieber trying to make ‘Drew’ happen

While it may seem like Justin Bieber spends his days hanging out with Hailey Baldwin, he’s also cooking up a clothing line.

The singer, 24, showed off a third design from his upcoming clothing line on Thursday. The line, called “Drew” after his middle name, seems to be comprised of bright yellow and black t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Bieber first filmed to trademark “THE HOUSE OF DREW,” “LA MAISON DREW,” and “DREW” for the purpose of “clothing and wearing apparel” back in February, according to a report by The Blast. He’s made good on the filing in no time, turning around first samples in just eight months. The “No Brainer” singer was first spotted wearing a bright t-shirt that simply says “drew” in late October.

Since then, Bieber has sported a yellow sweatshirt with the same design and, most recently, a black sweatshirt with a yellow face with the word “drew” as a smile.

The Blast also reported that Baldwin filed to trademark her new name, Hailey Bieber, for the purposes of a clothing line, in early October. Just in case, the 21-year-old also filed a trademark for her maiden name, Hailey Baldwin, and a play on her new (and old) initials, “HRB3.”

Though it appears that a joint collection from the newlywed could be possible in the near future, there is no information on when (or if) either of the collections will be available for purchase to the public.

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