Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: Their Struggle To Decide When It’s Best To Have Kids Revealed

First came marriage and now comes babies for Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. The problem is one of them is ready now while the other wants to wait on starting a family. We’ve got the details.

Justin Bieber has always vowed he wanted to have kids while he was still young. Now that the 24-year-old has married model Hailey Baldwin he’s raring to go on starting a family but the 21-year-old still has career dreams she wants to achieve first. ”Justin would love to have many kids with Hailey when it comes down to it and he actually wants it to happen very soon. They are married, he is all about her and he just wants to start a family and live that life because he knows they would be great parents,” a source close to the singing superstar tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“Having her in his life he feels as if he has everything and children would just being the icing,” our insider continues. Justin has already built his career to being one of the top pop stars on the planet. After years of success and hard work, he’s amassed a $250 million fortune and has taken a hiatus from his singing and recording career to focus on being a good husband to Hailey.

The blonde beauty is finally getting the recognition she’s been after in the modeling world, booking more fashion week catwalks than ever before. She understandably wants to achieve some success in her own right before getting pregnant. “Hailey on the other hand wants to wait a little longer on being a Mom. She still wants to work more and achieve more in her career before she becomes a mother because she wants to give that all the attention it needs when it happens,” our source adds. After all, when it comes to starting a family Justin has the easy part. Hailey would then spend the next nine months pregnant then have to take off the baby weight from her model frame.

“One thing not to get twisted is her desire to have kids though. She definitely wants children with Justin, but she is taking things slower on when she actually would like that to happen. If it is up to her she’d like to wait a couple of years,” our insider says. These two are so much in love and so committed to each other that when the time comes, their child will be the most adored baby ever.

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