Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Reveal The Interesting Reason Why They’re Not Already Pregnant

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are strategically planning their ‘babymaking,’ and for good reason. A specific episode on ‘Friends’ inspired Britney to hold off on children (for now).

It’s known that Brittany Cartwright, 30, and Jax Taylor, 40 want children — Brittany EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife herself in the past — so what’s the holdup? Well, the newlyweds don’t want to experience FOMO when their good friends and Vanderpump Rules co-stars, Stassi Schroeder and Lala Kent, marry their grooms later in 2020! “Let’s clarify what’s going on right now with our — with our babymaking. So let’s get this out there. We went and started one month and then, stop. We have Stassi and Lala’s wedding, so, and we’re in it. So that’s a problem,” Jax revealed, answering a curious caller on the Jan. 7 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, which aired shortly after the Season 8 premiere of Vanderpump Rules.

Jumping off her husband’s point, Brittany summarized why it wouldn’t be ideal to get pregnant right this instant. “Okay short version is that we’re trying to make sure that we can make it to Italy for Stassi and Beau [Clark’s] wedding and that I’m not stuck home because I’m too pregnant, so we’re trying to plan it out,” Brittany explained. For reference, Stassi and Beau aren’t tying the knot until October (meanwhile, Lala and Randall Emmett’s wedding is set for April). But Brittany assured viewers that their family plans haven’t changed, adding, “So yes, babies — I want babies.”

Jax then had a good point: “Could you imagine being pregnant at Stassi’s wedding?” Host Andy Cohen seemed to disagree with the couple’s timing, saying, “Just get pregnant and don’t worry about other’s people’s weddings” — leading Brittany to make an excellent pop culture reference as to why that’s not sound advice. “I don’t care to be pregnant — I don’t want to be so pregnant where I’m stuck like Phoebe on Friends and can’t go to her best friend’s wedding! That’s what I care about,” Brittany declared. Indeed, Phoebe had to stay at home with a bun full of triplets in Manhattan while Ross married Emily in London.

Brittany and Jax were just attempting “babymaking” recently! Brittany EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that they were “in the process” of trying for a baby at Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s Fancy AF Cocktails book launch party in West Hollywood on Dec. 10, 2019. Brittany added that she was “super excited,” and “hope[d]” she’d have a baby by 2020. Well, we’ll see who’ll have the first Vanderpump Rules baby amid all the wedding festivities! Brittany and Jax just had their own nuptials in Kentucky in June of 2019.

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