It’s Time To Update Your Home To Make It Climate Change-Proof

Climate change is more than a reality that many people need to face, this is why it’s always a good idea to go ahead and make preparations before disaster strikes. This is to ensure your own safety.

There are many ways to protect your home from the effects of climate change. One good way to find out if you’re even at risk at the moment is by visiting your respective government’s website, they might have preparations made. One thing people can use is the U.S. Climate Resilience toolkit. It’s apparently got some decent information on how to reduce your risk.

For the increase in heat—which is something that’s widely been projected to happen in the near future—individuals can do some basic things like painting their house white since it doesn’t get as hot in the summer and they could plant trees to provide shade, which can make a huge difference for the temperature.


According to Lifehacker, some important things you may need to have are an emergency kit and plan as well as insurance.

It’s terrific if everyone in your home is alive and well but if all you’ve worked for is damaged, it’s just a depressing sight to see, it never hurts to inquire about fire, flood, and storm insurance. In terms of an emergency kit and plan, ensure that everyone can actually correctly use the tools they’ve got, as in the first aid tools as well as others. Some people may also want to think about multiple exit routes to safety, especially if there’s a large population in their area.

Many places are dealing with the effects of climate change at the moment. For example, the outright burning of thousands and thousands of acres of land in California, which comes off as an almost daily occurrence at the moment. Even the Canadian city of Montreal had to deal with a massive flood in 2017.

All in all, you can’t always rely on the infrastructure surrounding your home. Hospitals, schools, electrical facilities may all be evacuated due to a flood or wildfire. People cannot even rely on organizations like FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)  at least in the past, it’s taken them days to arrive at the disaster to provide aid to those still alive.

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