Inside £40 million home with supersize pool, tennis courts, and indoor spa

The stunning interior and manicured gardens of a £40 million home has been flaunted on Channel 4's Britain's Most Expensive Houses, with footage showing a massive indoor swimming pool, swanky bathrooms, and a gym.

In the clip, Heathfield House in Highgate, north London, is first viewed from above, showing acres of lush lawns, tennis courts, and topiary.

The palace-like property has 10 bedrooms, including separate lodgings for staff, seven bathrooms, and a shiny glass elevator to access all four floors.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass dome on the roof lets light spill into the contemporary mansion, which also features an impressive rotunda staircase overlooking the grounds.

More footage shows a supersized indoor swimming pool, which one estate agent claims is the biggest he's ever seen in a private residence, a spa, steam room, a gym, and gleaming bathrooms.

Chandeliers hang from the ceilings in the dining rooms and reception areas, and a stained glass peacock is another extravagant feature adorning the walls.

The property plans show it also has a billiards room for playing games and entertaining guests, a wine cellar, a fur room, and a private study.

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It's been on the market since October last year, and so far it seems nobody has decided to fork out on the eye-watering £40 million it's on the market for.

The luxury pad was still appreciated as eye candy when the show was aired on Channel 4, with many viewers fantasising about having enough money to live there.

One person gushed: "Watching #BritainsMostexpensiveHouses on the catch-up thingy and I realised I've looked at probably all the houses on @rightmove when I'm fantasy house shopping."

Another person commented: "That £40million house is unreal!!!"

"What a dream, to even spend one night, in one of these houses," wrote another fan.

Someone blasted the display of wealth, and commented: "Seriously though who needs 12 bedrooms… maybe not the most thoughtful thing to show, while people are struggling to put food on the table."

Britain's Most Expensive Houses is available on Channel 4's on-demand All 4 streaming service for 28 days

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