Incredible recording of girl, 4, who helped save mum by calling 999

A four-year-old girl who rang 999 when her mum started having seizures at home has been praised for her quick-thinking actions.

Kaitlyn Wright told the emergency services operator mum Charlene was having a fit and that she ‘needed to look after her’.

When the call handler asked the youngster if she was there alone, the youngster replied: "It’s just me. And a dog and a kitten."

Kaitlyn tried to direct the operator to the family home by telling them to go ‘down the big hill and up the other side’.

The operator was able to trace the call and ambulance paramedics rushed to the address in Askerswell, near Dorchester, Dorset.

Luckily Charlene recovered by the time the ambulance turned up 10 minutes later and she was checked over.

The 33-year-old said today: "I just can’t explain how very proud I am of Kaitlyn. I am the proudest mum in the world right now, she’s just wonderful.

"It was quite scary for Kaitlyn to see me have a fit but she was so calm and chilled about it."

Charlene suffers from fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) which leaves her in constant pain and prone to regular seizures.

Because of her condition she had spoken to all three of her children and practiced how to call for an ambulance so they knew what to do in an emergency.

Charlene said she is rarely home alone with just Kaitlyn but on this occasion her older daughter Kelsey, 14, and Kayden, 11, were out.

Charlene said: "Kaitlyn’s dad had seen her in the morning and then brought her back home. He asked if I wanted some shopping and I said yes.

"Kaitlyn wanted to stay at home with me, we wouldn’t normally be at home just the two of us, I try to avoid it in case something does happen.

"I was lying in bed and felt quite comfortable at the time but I’d had a bad week and had been in a lot of pain.

"The pain gets so much that my body basically reboots like a computer because it can’t handle the level of pain.

"The next thing I knew was the paramedic looking at me. I don’t really remember much.

"I’ve been having the seizures for about five or six months and taught all the kids what to do, we’ve practiced on the phone, pretending to call 999 so they’d know what to do.

"During the phone call Kaitlyn tried to direct them to the house,telling them to go down the big hill from the A35 and up the other side.

"I don’t think she realises how great she was but I told her well done and what a great job she had done."

Today Kaitlyn and her mum are due to visit the South Western Ambulance Service control centre near Bristol to the call handler the youngster spoke.

Kaitlyn will also been given a special certificate for her actions.

A spokesman for the South Western Ambulance Service said: "During the call Kaitlyn showed extraordinary bravery, presence of mind, and wisdom beyond her years.

"Thankfully, her mum made a recovery, and didn’t need paramedics to treat her."

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