I'm addicted to pulling out my eyelashes and I can't beat the problem

I am 25 and suffer from trichotillomania – where people can’t resist the urge to pull out their hair.

It’s something I have been doing for four years and I thought I’d beaten the problem after joining a support group.

But the new lash growth was thin and short and I wasn’t happy with the way I looked so I started pulling again.

I wear fake lashes but I’m scared I’ll never get back the lovely long lashes I used to have and I’m too embarrassed to see my doctor.

DEIDRE SAYS: Please see your doctor. This is all part of your illness. You need help for the underlying anxiety.

Think what triggers the pulling and when it happens, then work out ways of distracting yourself.

My e-leaflet on Understanding Self-harm will help.

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