I fancy my boss like mad, but he says it's unprofessional for him to have sex with me

I do flirt but he refuses to let it get physical because he is 31 and a supervisor, while I am at the lowest level and only 22.

I have told him I would like to take things further but he says it is impossible under the circumstances. It is as if part of him wants more but the other part says no.

I want to shake him until he changes his mind. I long to kiss him but I’m scared to in case he freaks out.

I am terrified he will sleep with someone at his level or someone outside work.

He says he wouldn’t do that because he knows it would hurt me but it is driving me insane.

DEIDRE SAYS: This sensible guy has made it clear there is nothing doing.

Accept that and cut out the flirting, which only makes your longing worse.

He may be attracted to you but he has a sense of responsibility and knows your employer might frown on a liaison between you.

Keep your distance and make a determined effort to find a guy who is looking for someone like you.

Expand your social life and meet new people.

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