Huda Beauty’s co-founder reveals her top perfume tips and tricks

You’ve been using perfume all wrong! Expert reveals the tricks to making ANY scent last all day – and why you should apply multiple fragrances

  • Mona Kattan, 34, from Dubai, set up Huda Beauty in 2013 with her sister, Huda
  • Has launched fragrance range and advises layering scents for personalisation
  • Other tips include spraying when out of the shower and spritzing it on hairbrush 

The co-founder of Huda Beauty has revealed her top fragrance hacks when it comes to applying perfume.    

Mona Kattan, 34, from Dubai, who set up ‘Huda Beauty’ in 2013 with her sister Huda, says you should rebel against the traditionally Western ways of how to wear fragrance, and take tips from the Middle East – by learning to layer to create a signature scent.

The expert, who has launched the new KAYALI perfume range with this in mind, has shared her knowledge exclusively to FEMAIL – and advises you layer in order of intensity first – applying the lightest fragrances at the end. 

From using Vaseline as the base to extend the life of scents to applying perfume straight after you’ve had a shower, here are Mona’s favourite hacks…

Mona Kattan, 34, from Dubai, who set up ‘Huda Beauty’ in 2013 with her sister Huda, has revealed her top fragrance tips and tricks when it comes to applying perfume. Pictured. stock image


Personalisation is a growing movement, and this concept empowers people to express their unique tastes and individuality. 

While we want to guide noses into new fragrant territories, we also want to encourage experimentation. 

The traditionally Western way to wear perfume is to apply one at a time. However, this is not the norm at all in the Middle East. 

In the Middle East perfume is very personal – it’s all about layering fragrances so your scent is completely different to anyone else. 

Mona (pictured) said: ‘Personalisation is a growing movement, and this concept empowers people to express their unique tastes and individuality’

It’s more than just a part of a beauty ritual – fragrance is a social narrative and brings joy and a story to every household and person that visits. 

After a dinner, the hosting family will even often present a tray of perfumes as the coffee is served, which guests can mix to create a unique scent to bookmark the memory of their visit. 


The main thing to remember with layering is it’s all about playing around and finding different combinations you love.

Typically, you should spray your fragrances in order of intensity, using the lightest, most delicate fragrances at the end – you can do you, so don’t be afraid to break the rules.

The first scent you layer should be an intense fragrance, which is then combined with lighter notes. 

For example, a base note of oud would complement a middle note of rose, embellished with a top note of jasmine. 

If you’re a newbie to the practice of layering, we recommend staying within the fragrance families of floral, oriental, fresh, and citrus notes. 

Although, scents like vanilla, musk, and most citrus scents layer and blend beautifully, so look for fragrances that contain these scents or with a common note, as these will be complementary.  


Vaseline provides the perfect base to extend the life of your favourite scents. Apply it to any area that you would spray perfume and then spritz your favourite scent. 

I always put it on the back of my knees, my wrists and my neck. It’ll last for hours and help you smell beautiful for the whole day. If you don’t have Vaseline, any moisturiser would work.


You should apply perfume straight after you’ve had a shower. If you apply your perfume to your body when it’s still damp, the moisture will lock in the scent so it’ll last a whole lot longer – plus you won’t stain any of your clothes with spray marks.

The KAYALI range, which comes in four scents, elixir, vanilla, citrus, and musk, starts from £67 and are available at a range of retailers including Selfridges and Cult Beauty


It’s tempting to fight, mask, or overpower your natural scent – but to actively incorporate sweat into how you uniquely wear your perfume is a great way to show a unique scent. 

Fragrance blends with your clothes, your home smell, the smell of the city and most importantly your sweat, and everything mingles and intensifies as the day progresses. 

Everyone feels like a hot, sweaty mess, so it’s about working with your sweat to create a unique fragrance, rather than trying to mask it. 

Sweat is becoming a fact of life: summers are getting hotter meaning we’re all sweating more. 

At the same time, people are leaning towards natural deodorants which often leave more of a residual sweat scent than conventional deodorants, so sweat is becoming a part of our daily reality. 

Amid all this, as a society, we’re realising that sweating is a natural function, and people will be more accepting of a waft of the ‘au naturel’, so make sure your perfume works with your scent, to create another layer of you.


Spraying your brush with a couple bursts of perfume will disperse the scent through your hair when you brush through it. 

Your hair will retain the fragrance all day, but it won’t cause damage or drying like it might if you spray it directly onto your hair. 

Mona advised newbies to stay within the fragrance families of floral, oriental, fresh, and citrus notes when learning to layer

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