How to make your food Instagrammable

Meet Eden Grinshpan and Samantha Wasser.

You might recognize Grinshpan from Food Network’s “Chopped,” and Wasser is the mastermind behind trendy New York City restaurants, By Chloe and The Sosta.

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The dynamic duo has joined forces to open DEZ, a Middle Eastern fast-casual restaurant, in lower Manhattan. Their entire menu was made with social media in mind.

But how do you get an Instagram-worthy photo of such vibrant and colorful food? We asked the experts.

1. Take the photo overhead

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DEZ boasts an Instagram-worthy space for your food photos. The co-founders suggest snapping your pictures from an overhead angle to capture all of the color and texture of the delicious grub.

“I put a lot of thought into how people would photograph the pitas,” Wasser told “GMA.” “We really put a lot of thought into the packaging of how it could be placed on the tray, standing up, so someone could get an amazing overhead shot.”

2. Always use natural light

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“We definitely encourage natural light for best food photos,” Grinshpan said. “Natural light makes all food look good, so definitely try to take your food outside or come to a table that’s close to the window.”

3. Use light from your friend’s phone’s flashlight

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Wasser and Grinshpan say using the phone’s flash is a no-no. But if you need some extra light for your food photo, here’s their solution.

“If you are going to be taking a picture at night, get someone to use the flashlight of their phone,” Grinshpan said. “You’re probably going to draw a lot of attention and be slightly embarrassed, but you got to do what you got to do to make that food look bomb.”

4. Take off the lids

“It always drives us crazy when we see people taking photos with the lids on,” says Wasser. “Food is so much more beautiful when it’s out in the open.”

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