Heartwarming video shows tiny tot chucking at the barber shop

A hair-larious clip! Adorable little boy can’t stop giggling as he gets his first ever trim at a barber

  • In the cute clip the young baby boy erupts into laughter at a barber shop
  • The adorable tiny tot can be seen giggling away while getting his hair cut 
  • A lady holding the child can’t help but join in on the baby’s infectious laughter
  • The original source of the video is unknown, however it has been shared by numerous accounts on different social media platforms  

Amusing footage of a baby giggling uncontrollably as he gets his first hair cut has taken social media by storm.

The heartwarming clip shows a baby chuckling away as a barber attempts to cut his hair with some clippers, no doubt accidentally tickling the tot in the process.

As the barber runs the blade along the child’s head, cutting away tiny tufts of hair, the little tot cannot contain his laughter.

A bundle of laughs: footage of a tiny baby getting his first haircut has emerged on social media

The video has been doing the rounds on social media for a couple of days.

The original source of the video is unconfirmed, but it has been shared by various Instagram accounts including Urban Stylez Barber, Huda Beauty and more.   

Urban Stylez Barber was among those who shared the short clip to Instagram on Monday, and it has since gone viral, having been viewed almost 27,000 times.

Hundreds of comments have flooded in on the video, with one Instagram user commenting: ‘Oh my goodness, he’s too cute!!!!!’

Another commented: ‘This video made me smile so big. I needed that.’

One fellow barber even replied to the video saying: ‘I’d love to cut more toddlers if they behaved like this. LOL.’ 

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Bad hair day: the adorable baby cracks up as the barber attempts to cut his hair

Laughing along: the lady holding the child joins in on the fun as the giggling infant laughs the day away

Voila: just like that, when the haircut is finished the baby finally stops laughing

The first few seconds of the clip show the baby being held in place as he gets his hair cut.

The more hair that the barber cuts, the more adorably high-pitched, insanely adorable laughter the child releases.

When the barber finally finishes trimming the hair on the left side of his head, the baby turns around as if to wonder where he has gone. 

Eventually the child calms down toward end of the video, once the haircut has stopped. 

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