‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Derek, Lexi & George Return After Meredith Learns [SPOILER]’s Dying

When a patient’s family celebrated Day of the Dead during the Nov. 1 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Meredith started seeing ghosts from her past! Read our full recap, here.

Meredith was hit with some unexpected news during the Nov. 1 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, when Richard informed her that her dad, Thatcher, is dying. Meredith seemed surprised by the news, but she wasn’t sure whether or not she should seek him out, as she and Thatcher hadn’t spoken since Lexie died. And any diehard fan of this series knows it’s been years since Lexie died — 7-8, to be exact. Would it be worth reconnecting after all this time just to say goodbye? That was something Meredith wondered and asked for advice on throughout most of tonight’s episode.

And all this talk of death — with Thatcher’s grim diagnosis and Meredith’s patient’s family celebrating Day of the Dead — had Meredith remembering ghosts from her past. As she contemplated reaching out to her dad, Meredith walked by the ghosts of Derek, Lexie, Mark, George, Ellis, and her dog, Doc, as a Spanish iteration of Snow Patrol‘s “Chasing Cars” played in the background. It was a heartbreaking moment, and one that led Meredith to Alex’s place, where she spent some quality time with Link.

And yes, Link is back to trying to romance Meredith. After Jo told him to ask her out and give her a chance, he tried doing so. But she shot him down cold, saying he’s just a guy you call when you’re in need of a hookup. But maybe she was wrong. Not only did we learn a little more about Link this week — he’s good with kids, had cancer as a child, and looks good with both long and short hair — but Meredith did too. And she now seems to be warming up to him. But she also seems to be crushing on Andrew.

She and Andrew both worked on a young female patient together this week, and they grew a bit closer while doing so. He told her he was looking forward to working with her, while she shot him a huge smile when she saw how good he was with their patient. He even complimented a flower Meredith was wearing in her hair at the end of the episode, but like we said, she ended up at Alex’s. And she had no idea Link would be there, but he was. So this week, Link seemed to have the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Nico finally made a move on Levi when they were in an elevator alone together. Typical Grey’s Anatomy, right? Either way, we loved it! But the fire was quickly extinguished when Nico found out that Levi never kissed a guy before. He said he didn’t have any time to help someone come out of the closet, so he didn’t think they’d be a good fit. But something tells us this won’t be the last we see of them together.

Finally, Teddy tried telling Owen she’s pregnant with his baby, but they got sidetracked when Betty went missing. Teddy had 2-3 chances to tell him the news, but she chickened out each and every time. That, or she kept getting interrupted by Amelia freaking out over Betty. In the end, Teddy left Owen’s house without telling him she’s pregnant, so we’ll have to wait at least another week before seeing how he’ll react to the news.

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