Gigi Hadid Staying Out Of Anwar & Kendall Jenner’s Relationship But Disappointed Romance Is ‘Cooling Off’

Well, Anwar Hadid and Kendall Jenner’s short-lived romance didn’t pan out how Gigi hoped it would, HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned! Still, she hasn’t ‘given up hope.’

Gigi Hadid, 23, is trying not to play the big sister card as her brother Anwar, 19, appears to be ending his romance with Kendall Jenner, 23. The future of this pair doesn’t look so bright as they were last spotted in the same place on Oct. 9, and Kendall then reunited with her former flame Ben Simmons, 22, at his basketball game in Philadelphia on Nov. 1! “Gigi has vowed to stay out of things between Kendall and Anwar, she knows he can take care of himself,” a source close to Gigi EXCLUSIVELY shares with HollywoodLife. “But still, she’s a little disappointed that the romance between them seems to be cooling off. Gigi would love for them to get serious and still has high hopes of things working out.” Gigi can’t relate to her BFF’s casual approach to dating!

“Gigi is big on committed relationships, but she knows not everyone wants to settle down young like her,” our source continues. The high fashion model has been dating Zayn Malik, 25, since 2015. They only separated briefly in early 2018 before resuming their long-term relationship! Regardless, Gigi will keep a carpe diem attitude when it comes to the love affair of her brother and best friend. “She’s trying not to pressure them and let whatever happens, happen,” our source says. But a girl can daydream!

“She loves them as a couple though and hasn’t given up hope that they’ll end up together,” our source reveals. “She feels like they would make a great thing long-term.” We were also thrown into imagining “What ifs” as Kendall and Anwar were spotted making out at the CFDA Awards in June and again at a Cipriani party on Sept. 5! They proceeded to party together at Paris Fashion week later that month, and Kendall even sported a hickey in the city of love. Rumors of their fling got even steamier as they were photographed, separately, leaving New York City’s Greenwich hotel before hitting the birthday party of Anwar’s other sister, Bella, on Oct. 9. We’ve heard crickets since, and Anwar shared troubling posts to his Instagram Story during the apparent dry spell.

“I wonder if I could be loved as deeply as I love,” he wrote on his Instagram Story on Nov. 5, just four days after the video of Kendall’s reunion with Ben was released. He then shared a picture of his wrist in another post, which had the words “Why are you still on my mind” written over it. Here’s to hoping that Gigi can console her little bro!

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