Former boyband member has growth squeezed out of his arm

Ex boyband singer reveals he’s been hiding a skin condition that causes lumps as big as KIWIS all over his body – as doctor squeezes a gruesome growth on his arm

  • Callum Lapsley, 43, from Ireland, toured with Westlife while in boyband Nv
  • Reveals hidden a skin condition which gives him lumps all over his body 
  • Dr Emma was stunned to discover one of the lipomas was ‘shamrock’ shaped
  • The Bad Skin Clinic airs Tuesday at 10pm on the Quest Red channel 

A former boyband member who toured with Westlife has revealed he’s been hiding a skin condition for 20 years, that’s left lumps as big as kiwis all over his body. 

Callum Lapsley, 43, from Ireland, found minor success in the early 1990s as a member of boyband Nv, playing alongside global superstars like Westlife. 

But appearing on the Quest Red show The Bad Skin Clinic, which airs tonight, the former heart throb reveals reveals he’s spent the best part of two decades hiding fatty lumps that cover his entire body.  

And when Dr Emma gets to work on the lipomas at her London clinic, she is astonished when the fat that comes out of the first of the Irishman’s growths is the shape of a shamrock. 

Callum Lapsley, 43, from Ireland, reveals he has hidden a skin condition for nearly two decades on tonight’s episode of The Bad Skin Clinic

Naturally gregarious, confident and outgoing, Callum is the life and soul of the party.  

But he’s been hiding a skin condition for almost two decades, revealing: ‘I think I was in my mid-20s, and I found a little lump on my arm.

‘By the time 15 years came, I had 30 or 40 of them all over my body, varying from pea to grape-sized.’  

Callum is worried that the lumps will continue to grow if he doesn’t finally get them checked out. 

Dr Emma was stunned when she squeezed the first lipoma from the skin and compared the shape of the fat to ‘a shamrock’ 

‘It’s kind of depressing not knowing where they’re coming from or why they’re happening,’ he says. 

‘You’re constantly finding new ones and because there are so many of them, you wonder if there’s anything dangerous in there.’

To ease his worries, Callum pays a visit 152 Harley Street to see Dr Emma and get some long overdue answers. 

He explained: ‘I’m hoping Dr Emma has some answers for me. They’re constantly growing, so it’s a worry.

Dr Emma was able to diagnose the lumps as lipomas, reassuring Callum that the bumps were ‘not cancerous’ 

‘It’ll be a big weight of my shoulders if she does come up with some solutions.’  

Inspecting Callum’s lumps – which are found all over his body – Dr Emma instantly gets an idea of what they are.  

What is a lipoma?  

Lipomas are soft, fatty lumps that grow under your skin. 

They’re harmless and don’t usually need any treatment. 

Lipomas are common, and can be identified if they: 

  • feel soft and squishy 
  • can be anything from the size of a pea to a few centimetres across 
  • may move slightly under your skin if you press them 
  • aren’t usually painful 
  • often appear on your shoulders, chest, arms, back, bottom or thighs 
  • grow slowly 

‘They’re very squishy, doughy like. I mean, I would be playing with that all the time! They’ve all got their own consistency to them,’ Dr Emma says. 

Reassuring her patient, Dr Emma offers her diagnosis – they’re lipomas, a soft fatty lump that grows under the skin.

‘These what you have here are definitely lipomas,’ she says confidently. ‘They’re just completely benign – in other words, not a cancer – growths within the fat cells.’ 

Happy with her diagnosis, Dr Emma offers to remove some of the more irritating lipomas on Callum’s arms to give him some respite. 

She said: ‘They’re all quite small, but some of them are quite cosmetically sensitive to him, so they’re the ones we’re going to remove.’

Hands washed and scrubs on, Dr Emma gets to work by sitting Callum down and injecting the lumps with local aesthetic, ready for surgery. 

Callum called the condition ‘kind of depressing’ and said he had grown concerned as to whether the lumps could be dangerous

First of all, Dr Emma decides to tackle the biggest lump by making a puncture wound to squeeze the lipoma out of Callum’s arm quickly and safely. 

After making the initial incision, Dr Emma – who is Northern Irish herself – cannot believe her eyes when she squeezes the lipoma out and it emerges from Callum’s arm in the shape of an shamrock.

‘Oh my gosh, it’s a shamrock! Literally, it is a shamrock! Look at that!’ Dr Emma says. 

‘Oh my God,’ Callum says in response, as Dr Emma pulls the lipoma free from his arm. 

The former boyband member went on to have several more extractions to rid himself of the lipomas 

‘Well of course, I’m Irish,’ Callum continues, playing it cool. 

Feeling lucky, Dr Emma carefully extracts two more of Callum’s troublesome lipomas. 

Despite only having some of his 30 lipomas removed, Callum breathes a sigh of relief. 

‘Dr Emma did a great job,’ he says. ‘She made me feel so relaxed, the surgery was nice and easy so I’m absolutely delighted with it.’

The Bad Skin Clinic airs tonight at 10pm on Quest Red and the QuestOD app 

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