Father-of-seven shares parenting hacks, including baby-proofing house

Father of quintuplets and two daughters under 4 reveals the VERY clever ways he’s adapted his home – from a custom ‘baby bus’ to a dining table with built-in highchairs

  • Chad Kempel, from San Mateo, recently completed a very special world record
  • Father-of-seven, 37, completed marathon while pushing his quintuplets’ stroller
  • Broke world record for fastest marathon ran whilst pushing a five-baby-stroller 
  • He said the quintuplets, 18 months, were shocking surprise to him and wife Amy
  • Conceived the babies after four miscarriages, losing twins, and 20 rounds of IUI

A father-of-seven has lifted the lid on his ingenious life hacks following the birth of his quintuplets.

Chad Kempel, 37, from San Mateo, has spent the past year putting his creative nature to good use – including baby-proofing the entire house, creating his own custom furniture, and inventing his own ways to ensure all five babies can be fed at once,

The management analyst and his wife Amy, conceived the quintuplets after suffering four miscarriages, losing their twins who were born prematurely at 22 weeks and undergoing approximately 20 rounds of fertility treatment (IUI).

The quintuplets, Lincoln, Noelle, Grayson, Preston, and Gabriella, are now 18 months old and have two older siblings, Savannah, four and Avery, three.

‘When the doctor said he could hear four heartbeats and then a fifth, we couldn’t really believe it,’ explained Chad, who has just set the world record for fastest marathon ran whilst pushing a five-baby-stroller.’

‘When we found out there would be five, we didn’t know how we would cope, but after losing twins in 2013, we knew we had to go for it.’ 

Father of quintuplets Chad Kempel, 37, from San Mateo, has revealed his top parenting hacks for coping with seven children: Savannah, four, Avery, three, and 18-month-old quintuplets Lincoln, Noelle, Grayson, Preston and Gabriella

The quintuplets were a shocking but lovely surprise to Chad and his wife Amy after they had fertility troubles and child-birth tragedies. Pictured, the children with their great grandmother

As many parents struggle to juggle even one child with their daily tasks, Chad and Amy decided to start filming their life hacks to share with other parents online.

‘One of the first things we had to do was create a big playroom, somewhere where we knew they could all be at the same time without any dangers,’ he explained. ‘We had to take anything sharp and valuable out for good.

Travelling with the quintuplets became a big issue for Chad’s family because they would always struggle to fit the family in their car.

‘We also had to convert a transit van into a baby bus, which we have made our own changing table for inside as well as fitting in a television so our older girls have something do when we have to feed and change the quintuplets on a journey, which can take a couple of hours,’ he explained.      

The parents got the shock of their lives when a routine scan of their third child turned into a scan of their quintuplets – but they’re keen to let people know how they’ve survived. From left to right: Savannah, four, Lincoln Noelle Grayson Preston and Gabriella and Avery, three

Chad and Amy had to come up with inventive tricks in order to feed their five children (pictured) at the same time – including making five holes in the middle of the kitchen table

Lincoln, Noelle, Grayson, Preston, and Gabriella (pictured) playing together at home. The quintuplets were a surprising for their parents Chad and Amy 

With so many youngster to look after, Chad and Amy had no choice but to find hacks on how to speed things up.

‘Clothes stacking is such a simple idea but it speeds up changing so much and I want to be able help Amy as much as I can when I’m not there, so we have made all these different props to help the basis tasks,’ he explained. 

‘Companies do sell stuff that can help deal with multiples, but the prices are crazy, so I just made my own.’ 

Chad revealed that feeding time can be ‘hectic’ – especially as some of them like to throw their food around.

‘It’s a lot like the movie ‘”Home Alone'” when we travel, I’ll be running in the front and we’ll have our army of children following behind,’ he joked. 

Chad and Amy gave birth to their quintuplets in January 2018 and all five babies weighed 2.5lbs after being born at 27 weeks. 

Chad recently broke the world record for fastest marathon ran whilst pushing a five-baby stroller. Pictured with his certificate 

The couple had to adapt their home, car and schedule to fit the demands of juggling seven children (pictured) at once 

Chad and Amy’s lives were turned upside down when they found out they were expecting quintuplets. Pictured, the quintuplets in their five-baby stroller at the playground

The five children peering out of the window at home (pictured). Their parents had to throw all sharp objects and valuables from a big playroom they created for the kids 

But after initially trying to feed all five individually, Chad decided to build his own furniture to ensure it could be completed in 30 minutes.

‘We have made all sorts of things to help, including props to hold their bottles for them when feeding so we don’t have to feed them one at a time and a custom table that can seat them all at once,’ explained Chad.

‘It could take about two and a half hours to get them all fed, by which point baby-one would need feeding again.

‘Now we line them all up with a little hook prop I made for each cot which holds their bottles in place.’     

‘There’s always so much to do, I’m sure anyone can imagine what it’s like to have five babies to look after and the job never really stops.’  

Chad and Amy created a big playroom in their house in order to fit all their children in and even created their own furniture 

Chad said that the first days of caring for the quintuplets was demanding, as feeding would take about two and a half hours ‘by which point baby-one would need feeding again.’ Pictured, Amy with her children

The quintuplets enjoying a basketball game in their jersey babygros with players names and numbers on the back

Even with seven children to look after, Chad recently gained himself a world record for running a marathon whilst pushing all five quintuplets to the finish line.

He added: ‘The race was really hard because we had five children to take care of along the way with feeding and changing happening throughout.

‘One technique that worked well was double diapering them, whenever they needed changing, I could whip one off and have the next diaper on in half the time and my brother was there on hand to feed them when they needed it.

‘I decided to run an extra mile, making the total distance 27.3 miles to commemorate the 27 weeks and 3 days my amazing wife carried our quintuplets.’

Chad started driving a transit van in order to transport the seven children and their baby seats safely 

After losing twins in 2013, the couple decided to go ahead and have the quintuplets. Pictured, Chad with his eldest daughters Savannah and Avery 

Amy with the children around the family’s dinner table. The table was fitted so that the five kids stay in place for feeding 

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