Farrah Abraham Defends Her Decision To Bail On Boxing Match: Why ‘It’s Not’ Her Fault

Farrah Abraham has pulled the plug on her boxing match with Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander — just days before it was set for Nov. 10 in Atlantic City — and the former ‘Teen Mom’ is putting all the blame on the promoter.

Farrah Abraham, 27, was set to go head-to-head against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander in the ring in less than two weeks, but it looks like the epic battle isn’t happening after all. Farrah tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that the fight’s promotor Damon Feldman hasn’t lived up to his promises, so she’s no longer going to take part. According to Farrah the promoter is in “breach” of their contract so she’s got not option but to back out.

“Damon the promoter won’t book correct flights for my people, for my coaches and my mother and my daughter to come watch. He is in breach of my contract. (He also promised) up to 32 rooms for celebrity guests, coaches and family. These are the things the promoters agreed to and could not deliver so they are in breach and it’s not my issue. I have to work it out with them but they keep booking the wrong flights, they are not handling their business properly and they’re unprofessional,” Farrah told us. Yikes, it doesn’t sound like a good situation to us — we don’t blame Farrah for bailing.

Another factor in Farrah’s decision was her visit to court this morning (Nov. 2) over her June 2018 arrest stemming from a fight with an employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Farrah was able to escape with no jail time and instead got two years probation and five days of community labor. She was also ordered to complete 12 hours of anger management and is now banned from the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel. Her lucky break in avoiding jail got Farrah thinking and made her vow to change her ways and she told her fans in an Instagram live video on Nov. 2 that she is taking the probation seriously and therefore needs to avoid “bad situations” and in her view that means the celebrity boxing match in no longer an option for her.

Farrah told her Instagram audience, “we’re just leaving court and I wanted to say I’m actually really happy with how everything turned out at court. It’s just crazy the predicament that I thought my friends, had me with a liable situation and they turned out not to be friends. So in the end I’m on two months probation, that means no being around bad people, putting me in bad situations, and I think its just such a good reminder to share with all of us. So 2018-2019 no more bad people around me, thank you, getting me into trouble.

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