Employees share experiences of their worst bosses

And you thought your boss was bad! Employees share horror stories of being tormented at work

  • People from around the world shared their encounters with terrible bosses 
  • Many told how they experienced employers who were often verbally abusive
  • In one account a woman claims she was denied time off work to go to a funeral 

Most of the nation spend the majority of their week at work, however these confessions prove that pursuing a job can be more than physically demanding.

People from around the world took to anonymous confessions app Whisper to share their experiences with their ‘terrible’ bosses.  

Shockingly, many who contributed to the thread revealed they had encountered verbally abusive employers.

One worker told how they decided to quit their job after the owner of the restaurant they worked at repeatedly harassed staff while drunk.

Another revealed they were refused time off after a close relative died and was told they would be fired if they didn’t come into work. 

People from around the world shared their encounters with terrible bosses in an anonymous thread, including this person who was refused time off work for a funeral

One woman recalled how her previous employer would be patronising one day and try to have sex with her the next

Another individual revealed they had experienced racism by their employer and felt compelled to file a complaint

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An employee who was injured on the job told how they experienced intimidation and threats when applying for compensation

One person told how their manager and district manager failed to acknowledge food being spoiled in their cafe

Another individual revealed they chose to quit their job after becoming fed up with the restaurant owner drunkenly harassing staff

An employee who witnessed their boss stealing from the store told how they were then repeatedly blackmailed by her

One woman told how she was unfairly dismissed from her role because she refused to be her employer’s mistress

Another worker vented their fury after being yelled at by management for having an anxiety attack – before being told that their colleagues don’t want to work with them

An employee who worked for a family-run business claimed they were repeatedly made to take sides in arguments

Another person revealed they were forced to come into work after having surgery as their employer thought it was a poor excuse to take time off 

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