Emmerdale’s biggest blunders: Eight times viewers have picked up on awkward plot line gaffes

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Emmerdale has been on our screens for a long time – since 16 October 1972, in fact and, as a result, thousands of episodes have graced our screens, much to the delight of loyal fans eager for their soapland fix.

Yet, in amongst the adulterous storylines and edge-of-the-seat twists comes some unexpected plot holes that leave viewers going, ‘huh?’

Yes, we’re talking about blunders, moments during the scenes that just don’t add up. And Emmerdale isn’t alone when it comes to these mishaps – Coronation Street and EastEnders, too, have had their fare share of awkward plot holes.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of Emmerdale’s biggest blunders….

Shielding shenanigans

Fans were left perplexed when Sarah Sugden, played by Katie Hill, broke into the home of Priya Sharma, played by Fiona Wade, in order to steal her mobile phone.

The reason for this was because she and Charity Dingle, played Emma Atkins, wanted to find out information about where Kirin Kotecha was, as they need his permission so that Charity could adopt his son Johnny.

However, right at the beginning of the episode Sarah was caught out and Priya ended up sharing all the information she knew anyway.

But fans were concerned because they felt that realistically Sarah shouldn’t be out and about, and should instead be isolating owing to the fact that she has a weak immune system from having cancer and has also undergone a heart transplant.

One fan wrote: "Why on earth isn’t Sarah in self isolation? She has had cancer and a heart transplant!!!!"

While another added: “Shouldn't Sarah be shielding with her heart condition? Not messing about going in other people's houses."

Weather woes

Some viewers were left miffed during James Barton's memorial service.

As the coffin was lowered into the ground, the mourners standing around found themselves covered in a downpour of rain. However, when the camera angle changed slightly to show the face of killer Emma Barton, the skies were blue with no clouds in sight. Peculiar, huh?

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One tweeted: "@itvemmerdalefan firemen with hose pipes did great with the #FakeRain @emmerdale…"

Another added: "Pouring with rain on a bright sunny day #emmerdale".

A third penned: "Anyone else seeing Emmerdale trying to make us believe it's p**sing it down with clear blue skies? Bulls**t I say."

A rushed exit gone wrong

In February, Emmerdale viewers pointed out a major blunder with Doug Potts' "rushed" exit.

Doug decided to spontaneously move to Australia and a huge crowd of family and friends gathered to wave him off, daughter Laurel included.

Yet viewers were baffled with Doug's hasty exit, with one person saying: "I don’t usually do this, but how has Doug managed to secure the finances and visa to emigrate to Australia in like 2 days?"

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"How the hell did Doug manage to get a visa to move to Australia in less than 24 hours," asked another.

A third pointed out that Doug would've struggled to emigrate asa result of his criminal record, saying: "Hasn't Doug got a criminal record? Surely he can't emigrate to Australia and especially this quick."

A fourth penned: "They should have said that Doug was born in Australia and has a dual citizenship. You can't just move to Australia. They are very choosy and it takes months and months."

The key mistake

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to point out a mistake in a recent episode when Luke entered Bob’s home with an old set of keys, despite Bob having had his locks changed the week before.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Bob has just changed the locks, but Luke use his old key to get in to his house.”

Another viewer, miffed, commented: “As Bob had just changed the locks, how did Luke get into the house without ringing the doorbell."

And a third penned: “Erm hello, doors have these amazing devices called locks".

An allergic reaction

Fans shared their confusion online after mechanic Dan collapsed after enjoying a wrap in Brenda’s cafe.

Struggling to breathe and staggering about with red blotches on his face, Dan had an allergic reaction on the floor, and someone ran to get a shot to stab him in the leg, but it had no effect.

The scene left viewers concerned as to why Dan didn’t carry an epi-pen around with him, with one saying: “Surely Dan would carry an Epi pen around, especially as he was caught out just a couple of weeks ago? And as others have said, why wouldn't he ask what was in the wrap?"

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Another person pointed out: “Wouldn't Dan ask what's in that wrap before taking it so he doesn't have a repeat performance?"

Whilst a third noted: “If you have allergy it's your responsibility to carry an in date epi pen at all times."

Leaf it out

Viewers spotted a huge blunder during the episode where Graham Foster was seen dead.

Before the murder, Kim made it clear to Al that Graham’s body had to disappear, but fans pointed out that Al hand’t done a very good job and than it wouldn’t take long for Graham’s body to be found.

One wrote: “Whoever buried Graham may aswell of hung him from the Woolpack roof."

Another added: “Brilliant episode however, he didn’t exactly do a very good job of burying the body just piled a few leaves on top?!"

A third penned: “Was Graham killed by a kilo of wet leaves?”

And a fourth humorously added: “Kim : 'No trace, Graham can never be found' Al : *Throws a few leaves over body*.”

No time for the toilet

Fans of the soap were left baffled during Vanessa’s kidnapping by Pierce.

Vanessa was left tied up for two days but fans were quick to note that in that time she hadn’t gone to the toilet once.

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Storming Twitter, one fan wrote: “Isn’t it about time vanessa went to the toilet then lol,” [sic] and another added: “When is Vanessa going to need the toilet !!”

A third penned: “She must be desperate for toilet she’s been tied up there for days.” [sic]

Time troubles

Aaron Dingle was annoyed over Robert Sugden and Rebecca White's baby and, as such, took his anger out on the Holey Scrap's portakabin's door – until Adam Barton arrived.

Talking to his friend and persuading him to stop whatever he was doing, he suggested that they get some cans.

To which Aaron sarcastically remarked: "It's 9:30 in the morning, Adam?" However, in the next scene with Emma Barton, a clock on her wall read 5:50. Viewers were quick to pick up on the 'continuity error' and share their thoughts on Twitter, with some pointing out different times altogether.

One person said: "Anyone else notice that Aaron said it was half 9 in the morning yet in the next scene the Barton's clock said half 10? #Emmerdale #odd."

A different account put: "#Emmerdale need to get their clock times straight. Adam says it's 9:30 am and next minute Emma's clock says 5:50 pm. Continuity errors!"

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