Doctor hits back at TikTok trolls after critics slam her for ‘being too pretty’

A doctor has hit back at criticism after she was trolled for being too pretty.

Dr Medina Culver, from US, runs an Instagram account with 27,000 followers where she discusses her accomplishments in the medical field in a bid to inspire women.

She also shares holiday snaps with her husband and posts bikini pictures.

But the doctor revealed that she received comments telling her what a woman should do and that she should be her husband's property.

Dr Culver decided to film a video and explained that pretty women are "more than pretty faces".

Putting on a glasses and a stethoscope around her neck, she points at the graphics in the clip, showing that she is also "pretty ambitious", "pretty hardworking" and "pretty determined to achieve my dreams".

In another segment, she added: "Since I started posting reels about women empowerment and the comments that people make to women to make them feel less than."

She then lists out the comments she received from the trolls, with some calling her old, selfish and arrogant.

Her viewers were quick to show their support and said her women empowerment becomes their motivation.

One said: "Just laugh at that cr*p, it's hateful and absurd. I guarantee you are fantastically inspiring to most people who follow you or come across your posts."

Another wrote: "Don't stop! You're a great role model: As a woman, as a physician, as a human."

But there are some who commented that she was being arrogant.

"Don’t you think it’s okay to be proud AND humble?" a viewer penned.

A second commented: "Is this literally all she posts are conceited TikTok's of her making cutsie faces at the camera and pointing at her life accomplishments lol."

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