David Schwimmer net worth: Actor has earned a huge fortune from just this one role

David Schwimmer is an American actor, director, activist and producer from Queens, New York. Tonight, David joins Nick Mohammed on The Graham Norton Show to promote their new spy comedy, Intelligence.


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David began his acting career performing in school plays at Beverly Hills High School.

He starred in the television movie A Deadly Silence in 1989 and appeared in a number of television roles, including on L.A. Law, The Wonder Years, NYPD Blue, and Monty, in the early 1990s.

However, he is best known from the worldwide famous sitcom Friends where he played Ross Geller – Jennifer Anniston’s character Rachel Green’s love interest – for 10 years.

With an impressive list of credentials to his acting, directing and producing career, it’s no surprise that the 53-year-old star is living comfortably, but how much does he have in the bank?

David Schwimmer net worth

As of 2020, David Schimmer’s net worth is estimated to be around $85million, according to Wealthy Gorilla.

This roughly converts to around £65.6million.

How did he earn his fortune?

It’s no surprise that the sitcom Friends has been good to the actor, and it’s where he’s earned the majority of his fortune.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, for the first season of Friends, each cast member earned $22,500 (£17,372) per episode.

This worked out at $540,000 (£416,947) for the first season.

As the seasons carried on, the paycheques increased too.

For season three, the actors were paid $40,000 (£30,885) per episode which worked out to $960,000 (£741,240) for the entire season.


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However, according to reports, for season three the cast banded together to negotiate a higher salary as a group and ended up with a deal that paid $75,000 (£57 909) per episode and they also negotiated a further $10,000 for season four if season three was successful – which worldwide everyone knows was.

For season three and four, David earned around $3.915million (£3,022,869).

With the growing success of the sitcom, the actor also saw a considerable salary increase, for season five he was paid $100,000 (£77,212) per episode and $125,000 (£96,515) for season six.

Then ahead of season seven the cast came together and renegotiated their contracts for a massive raise.

It was reported that they ended up earning a whopping $750,000 (£579,093) per episode for season seven and eight.

And for the final two seasons, the actor was paid $1million per episode, which works out to $24million (£18.5million) for season nine and $18million (£13.9million) for season 10.

It was also previously reported that the Friends cast earned around $90million (£69.5million) in base salary alone from the show before backed bonuses and on-going royalties.

Friends continues to generate north of $1billion (£772million) per year in syndication royalties and streaming deals.

It has been reported that each cast member in some years can earn $10-20million in royalties alone.

But how does his net worth compare to that of on-screen on-off girlfriend, Jennifer Anniston?

Although David and Jennifer starred in the same successful television show, Jennifer has gone on to have an extremely successful film and television career.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jennifer boasts a whopping $300million (£231,637,500) net worth, which is $215million (£166million) more than David Schwimmer’s.

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