Daily horoscope for October 3: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Saturday’s horoscope is affected by the Moon straddling Aries and Taurus. And at the same time, Earth’s natural satellite bumps into Mars Retrograde.

But it is ringed planet Saturn who has the last word as the weekend kicks into gear.

This is because the Solar System’s second-largest planet forms a Square with the Moon.

A Square is considered by astrologers to be an aspect able to reveal life’s tensions, obstacles and challenges.

This aspect is today thought to come in circles to put people into a sombre mood.

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Fortunately, star sign Taurus soon arrives to take over the reins.

This sees Taurus form a Trine with Venus in Virgo.

Trines are considered to be a positive aspect, where two celestial bodies are 120 degrees distant from each other.

This aspect will most likely raise your mood, making for a fantastic Saturday night.

However, something is shifting in the dark and some of you may well feel the shadows.

This is due to distant platelet Pluto, which is set to station Direct.

And with the full Capricorn crew back up to speed, expect significant autumnal shifts in the astrological atmosphere.

The Moon is continuing to slowly wane as it moves from Aries into Taurus this Saturday.

But this Aries Moon’s final move is the aforementioned Mars-Saturn Square.

The way is consequently thought to be strewn with astrological obstacles.

And although there is much to be done, there is, unfortunately, no way to achieve them.

Expect people to lie in your way, as well as annoying regulations and restrictions.

And there will most likely be more than a little anger in the air.

You’re left with that floating feeling of having to simply lower your head and do as you’re told.

The Moon entering Taurus may mean there is plenty of pleasures awaiting you this weekend.

As the Moon Trines Venus in Virgo, there are numerous ways to safely enjoy yourself as the day draws to a close.

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