Dad terrifies daughter by saying raw chicken is ‘cut up fingers’ in savage prank

This is the hilarious moment a father finds his daughter hiding under a table after telling her he is cutting up fingers for dinner.

Joshua Grimes shared the footage on TikTok showing his daughter Harleigh's dramatic reaction.

In the clip with more than 1.5 million views, Joshua films the chopping board and a pack of chicken breasts, saying: "Told my daughter I was cutting up human fingers for dinner.

"She is currently hiding under the table."

The father then puts on an act and says: "Harleigh, I need a finger!"

The poor girl yells "No!" from under the table before Joshua tries again, telling her: "Come on, just one."

She replies: "No!"

The video has divided opinion on social media with some viewers calling him "dad of the year" for the prank.

Others commented that the girl might be traumatised from the incident as they warned Joshua that it was not okay to scare his child.

Joshua also clarified in the comments: "She tried to scare me right afterwards when we were eating the 'fingers'.

"I'm sure she'll be fine."

One said: "Man deserves the funniest dad of the year award."

Another said it reminded her of her childhood memories, adding: "I love being able to look back and laugh at them now that I'm older."

But a viewer asked: "Why do parents just randomly decide to traumatise their children for fun? Like find a better hobby."

"Oh my God, don't scare her like that," a second wrote.

Joshua was overwhelmed by some of the negative comments but he added that it was fun to scare her and he loves his daughter.

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