Dad hits back after criticism for calling kids Jackdaniel and Tiamarie

Couple who called their children Jackdaniel and Tiamarie hit back at teasing trolls, saying they DIDN’T name them after the famous alcoholic drinks (and actually prefer tea to booze)

  • Dad-of-five Steve Mennell, 36, from Hull, slammed trolls for ridiculing the names he and wife Sarah chose for two of their five children
  • Their son Jackdaniel, 11, and daughter, Tiamarie, 12, appeared in an article after mum Sarah, 35, splashed out £250 on their new school uniforms
  • However, readers of the story focused more on the school pupils unusual names 
  • On Twitter, one said: ‘Other children Stellaartois, Ronbacardi and Jonnywalker?’
  • Dad Steve told Femail ‘People shouldn’t judge, we’d rather have a biscuit and a cup of tea than an alcoholic drink’

A couple who accidentally named their children after popular alcoholic drinks have hit back at cruel trolls who’ve teased them on social media.

Steve Mennell, 36, and his wife, Sarah, 35, from Hull, who have five children together, say they had no idea that the two names they chose were commonly associated with popular tipples when they picked them for their eldest offspring. 

Their son, Jackdaniel, 11, was in fact named after a Canadian running icon, Jack Daniels, and they say daughter TiaMarie was given her name after the family holidayed in Spain, where it’s a popular female christian name.

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Sarah and Steve Mennell, who run a children’s party business in Hull, have come under fire for the names of two of their five children. They son, 11, is called Jackdaniel, while their 12-year-old daughter is named Tiamarie

The couple have three other children, Sydney, ten, (far left) Princess, six, (right) and Albert, four (centre) and say they honestly didn’t make the connection between their children’s names and the popular alcoholic drinks until people pointed it out

The family say people shouldn’t judge them for the names they’ve chosen and say they rarely even drink, preferring a cup of tea and a biscuit (Pictured: The Mennell family)

Comments: Since social media users spotted the family in a story about school uniform costs, the couple have been a target for trolls

The couple, who run a children’s party company, have three other children, Sydney, ten, Princess, six, and Albert, four – and they say their youngest son actually gets more funny looks for his name because it sounds ‘like an old man’s name’. 

Their children’s distinctive names came to light after the family appeared in an article about school uniforms, with mum Sarah saying she’d already splashed out £250 on their new clothes for the autumn term.  

Speaking to Femail, Steve slammed ‘keyboard warriors’ for making mean remarks about the couple’s choices, and say the irony is that they go out only once a month and hardly drink at all.  

On Twitter, hundreds of people have made cruel remarks about the couple’s choice of names, with many suggesting either the names are fake or the family are clearly heavy drinkers. 

@_DaniLynch_ wrote: ‘Tiamarie and Jackdaniel… is this for real? Is there a Smirnoff and Bombaysapphire too?   

Nothing could be further from the truth, says Steve. 

Explaining why they decided to call Jackdaniel his name, he said: ‘Sarah didn’t know she was pregnant. 

She started bleeding and went to the hospital and when she was having her scan, his little legs were going like mad. We managed to get through the pregnancy and he survived. 

Sarah Mennell with her son Jackdaniel; the youngster was named after Canadian athlete Jack Daniel after the couple watched a documentary featuring him and said it reminded them of the way Jack had kicked in the womb

The couple, who’ve been married for eleven years, say: ‘It’s 2019, Tiamarie and Jackdaniel are just normal names. Kids should have a different name; there are so many Archies, so many Lilys’

‘At home, we watched a documentary featuring an athlete and coach called Jack Daniel. It clicked and that’s how we gave him his name.’

And the couple say a fabulous holiday in Spain led them to their 12-year-old daughter TiaMarie’s name. 

‘One of the waitresses was called Tiamarie and we loved it. It’s such a nice name, a Spanish name and Sarah was pregnant during the holiday so we have a nice memory.’  

Steve says they didn’t associate the names with drink at all but admits it’s now turned into a family joke. 

Tiamarie, 12, loves her unusual name, and says she finds it funny that people associate it with the retro spirit drink

‘People asked us if we were going to call our next one Archers [after the alcoholic peach drink.’  

The couple, who’ve been married for eleven years, say people should be more enlightened about names: ‘It’s 2019, Tiamarie and Jackdaniel are just normal names. Kids should have a different name; there are so many Archies, so many Lilys.’ 

The family said the bullying they’d endured online proved that Harvey’s Law, started by Katie Price in March 2017 after bullying of her disabled son online, was necessary. 

The online petition wants to make online abuse a criminal offence. 

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