Couples tattoos SURGE in popularity – and this is the most popular design

The celebrity tattoo artist revealed that many get their partners’ names etched into their skin.

Matching motifs, including king and queen crowns, are also popular choices.

Ami said: “Names of their loved ones is a classic.

“But actually, when we asked our 20M+ social followers for their couple tattoo stories, the most popular designs were actually king and queen crowns.

“Another cool one is when a couple shares a design or text that only is complete when the tattoos are side by side, but that’s a tough ‘half-tattoo’ to have if the relationship doesn’t work…”

As some relationships fizzle, it can be awkward having a tribute to an ex on your body.

Thankfully, there are ways to erase the designs.

While some opt for laser removal, others plump for a cover-up tatt instead.

Ami added that he jokes with punters that he’ll cut them a good deal if they get dumped.

He revealed: “Whenever I do a couple tattoo, partner’s name, or anything like that, I usually tell them that if they need it, they can come back for a cover-up with me and I’ll give them a good deal.”

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