‘Chicago P.D.’: [Spoiler] Finds Out About Ruzek & Upton’s Secret Romance

The secret’s out to someone! A major ‘Chicago P.D.’ character learns what’s really going down between Ruzek and Upton during the Oct. 31 episode. Is it Burgess or Halstead or someone else entirely?!

Upton and Ruzek have been able to keep their relationship a secret on Chicago P.D. for a while now, but they slip up just a tad when they show up to a crime scene together. Voight brings it up to Ruzek. Ruzek fumbles a bit, saying her car is in the shop. Voight knows that’s a L-I-E. “Well, if her car keeps having problems, and you keep giving her rides, you should probably tell your supervisor, fill out the proper HR forms,” Voight tells Ruzek.

After Upton’s rough day, she and Halstead have a drink at her place. Ruzek stops by unexpectedly, catching everyone by surprise. It’s so awkward. Ruzek quickly leaves because he totally knows what this looks like. It doesn’t take long for Halstead to say something about that “pretty uncomfortable” moment. He also says that he hopes Ruzek doesn’t think they’re sleeping together. Oh, Halstead. You are blissfully unaware. Upton refutes that idea, saying that Ruzek knows she doesn’t sleep with co-workers. Good one, Upton. “Smart policy. Nothing good comes out of workplace romance,” Halstead says. Halstead and Burgess still don’t know yet, and when they do, it’s going to get very interesting.

At the end of the episode, Ruzek saves Upton in a tricky situation. When a suspect pulls a gun on Upton, Ruzek shoots him twice. Ruzek covers their bases when Voight asks why Upton didn’t take the shot. Later, he asks her about it in bed. She says she had “a lot on her mind.” There’s a history with her dad, and she’s not ready to get into it just yet. Chicago P.D. season 6 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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