Celeb BFFs Olivia Munn and Jessica Alba Have the Most Relatable Post-Event Rituals

Every year, Hollywood types gather in LA for an annual fundraising gala for Baby2Baby, the celebrity-backed non-profit started by three moms that distributes diapers, clothes, and other baby and child essentials to families in need. This year, the gala — officially The 2018 Baby2Baby Gala presented by Paul Mitchell — comes as fires ravage California, and thousands of residents have been displaced. As it has for over a decade, Baby2Baby is gathering supplies for these families. (It’s easy to contribute; the link to buy items off the gift list is here.)

One of Baby2Baby’s more prominent supporters (there are a lot of prominent supporters) is Jessica Alba, who also sits on the non-profit’s board. Ahead of the event on Saturday night, we caught up with Alba and her friend Olivia Munn to discuss beauty secrets, the best thing to eat after a big night out, and why raising funds for Baby2Baby is so important.

Are you friends IRL? What kind of stuff do you talk about?

Jessica Alba: We talk about life! Things that everyone talks about — family, business, aspirations, our journey as women. We are in an industry that makes you feel like there’s a short period of time you can be relevant, and society has told us that women can’t support each other. I think it’s so important to have friendships that are meaningful and supportive.

Oliva Munn: What I love about my friendship with Jess is that she’s just so real. Jess calls it like it is. There’s nothing that’s taboo with us.


What kind of planning goes into getting ready for this type of event?

OM: I had seen a dress on J. Mendel’s Instagram that I LOVED but didn’t have anything coming up. I texted my stylist about it anyway. Then Jess texted me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to go with her to the Baby2Baby Gala. She said it was a great time and for a really great cause and we got to wear couture. I finally had somewhere to wear the dress!

JA: I don’t feel a lot of pressure getting ready for events, but this one is my favorite because I know how meaningful it is. This event alone makes such a huge impact — all of the funds raised for tonight’s gala go to support all of the Baby2Baby initiatives for the next year. Baby2Baby is a non-profit organization that provides children living in poverty, ages 0-12 years, with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. Baby2Baby serves hundreds of thousands of children living in poverty across the country.

Jessica, what do your kids think of you all glammed up?

JA: They definitely have opinions and will tell me if they think something I’m wearing is inappropriate. When I’m doing my fittings, they always want me to try on a princess dress with the biggest skirt so I usually do that for them. They love it.

OM: My dogs are really supportive of everything I wear.

Are there any secrets about your outfit that we wouldn’t know from looking at it?

JA: I love undergarments. Anything that sucks me in and smoothes me out, I’ll try it.

OM: I make my own belt that stays inside the dress. I call it a waist stay and I have one in almost every dress I wear. It pulls all the fabric in and it gives my waist shape.


If you only have five minutes to get ready, what’s the one Honest Beauty product to grab?

JA: I can do my whole face in five minutes. My Honest Beauty go-tos are the Magic Balm, Mascara + Primer, Lip Crayon, and Crème Blush.

OM: I always start with the Magic Balm and Glow Primer. And the Lip Crayon for an easy, on-the-go lip.

What’s the best beauty hack you’ve picked up from the glam teams you work with?

OM: You don’t need to put powder all over your face. Just put the finishing powder in certain places where you want to set and where you want to brighten or highlight. I also always put eye mask patches in the fridge and use them when they are cold.

JA: That’s what I was going to say! The Invisible Blurring Powder is the best for just a little highlighting and setting.


What do you always do before a big event?

OM: I always order Thai food so that there’s enough for the glam team. I also do extra Vital Protein packs in my juice that morning to make sure I stay hydrated.

JA: Hydration is so key! I put Ultima Replenisher, it’s an electrolyte supplement, into a full bottle of water and drink it before I go to any event.


What heels are the most comfortable for red-carpet events?

JA: A platform in the front and a block heel.

OM: 100% agree.

Do you use any sprays or shoe inserts to keep your feet from hurting during long nights?

JA: I always use the petal cushion pads for the balls of my feet.

OM: None, but before a big event I’ll get my shoes professionally stretched a bit so they don’t hurt.


What goes through your head when you’re walking the red carpet?

OM: I’m always just thinking, smile and get to the end, smile and get to the end.

JA: For the Baby2Baby Gala, I know I’ll be thinking about how important it is and how successful I want it to be. As a Baby2Baby board member, the gala is one of the highlights of my year. Tonight, I will especially be thinking about all the people that are affected by the fires right in our community and the support that will be given to those people who have had to evacuate their homes without basic essentials. The Baby2Baby Disaster Relief & Emergency Response program has distributed over 6.4 million basic essentials to children affected by natural disasters and emergency situations. Just this year, Baby2Baby sent items to children affected by the hurricanes across the Carolinas and Florida, and to children separated from their families.


What do you do first-thing after an event?

Olivia: Go home, put a hot washcloth on my face, and hang out with my dogs.

JA: I always eat nachos after an event.

Jessica: Makeup, Honest Beauty; Dress, Valentino; Jewelry, Anita Ko; Bag and shoes, Jimmy Choo. Olivia: Makeup, Honest Beauty; Dress, J. Mendel; Shoes, Christian Louboutin; Bag, Jimmy Choo; Earings, EF Collection; Rings, Sarah Weinstock, Effy.

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