Cardi B: Why ‘Hustlers’ Won’t Be Her Last Acting Role & What This Means For Her Music Career

Cardi B absolutely loved filming her new movie ‘Hustlers’ with Jennifer Lopez. She’s already looking for new movie and TV opportunities and we’ve got what that means for her music career.

From her TV show guest appearances and music videos, it’s clear Cardi B is a natural at being on camera. Now she’s getting her big film break with the release of Hustlers on Sept. 13, where she stars alongside Jennifer Lopez. She plays Diamond, a strip club worker who with Jennifer’s Ramona as her boss, hustles money out of shady Wall Street clients. “Cardi absolutely loved working on Hustlers and although she’s completely comfortable being in front of the camera, it was a totally new experience for her. Cardi felt it was an amazing opportunity and feels so blessed to have worked on this film with some incredible talent,” a source close to the 26-year-old Grammy winner tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Jennifer said during a Sept. 10 appearance on The Tonight Show that she specifically sought out Cardi to ask her to star in Hustlers, which is getting rave reviews and has a 91 percent fresh rating on the critic aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes. “Cardi never imagined she would be acting at some point in her career. But now that she has, she can definitely see herself doing something like this again. It was so much fun for her and if the right role comes along she’d definitely consider it again,” our insider adds.

“Cardi will act again, she is all about it. She loved it and would love to do TV and film much more as the time goes by, but she isn’t going to shy away from music,” a second insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY. “She wants to do it all. She would love to do something like Empire, something where she could share her music and acting ability together when it comes to roles. She is getting offers and will continue to look into what she wants to do next, but working on more acting is definitely something she is going to do more of as her career continues.”

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